How Organic Products Made Their Way Into Business

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Feb 08 2018 - 3 min read
How Organic Products Made Their Way Into Business
For the largest organ of the human body, which is also the most vulnerable organ, needs utmost care and protection.

Skin is the fifth and largest organ of the human body, which is exposed to weather, sun, scratches, insects and what not.

With constant growing awareness, people have chosen to follow the organic path and rejuvenate the youthful skin to keep the inner glow intact.

According to TechSci Research report, “India Organic Food Market By Product Type, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011 - 2021”, India organic food market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 25% during 2016-2021, due to increasing use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides in non-organic products that lead to various health issues such as cancer, obesity and birth defects.

Reports suggest that the government is making efforts to increase adoption of organic food, by launching various policies and expanding the land area under organic cultivation over the next five years.

Here are the reasons or the weak pulse of the public, which the organic companies successfully managed to get hold of: 

Good for Skin Health:

Our skin functions like a sponge, which absorbs all that it comes across with, be it dust, lotion, sunlight or beauty products.

Organic beauty products are light and do not clog the pores of the skin, which let the skin, breathe.

When our skin is  exposed to the harmful chemicals the pores get clogged and reacts internally, thus reflecting early signs of aging and wrinkles on the face.

Organic beauty products keep the pH level maintained, which is why the skin absorbs the product easily and starts working.

Environmental Friendly:

The organic products are made with natural ingredients, which are grown devoid of any harmful pesticides or fertilizers.

Organic products keep the soil fertile and the packages are reusable, which helps in restoring the quality of the soil.

The organic plants which are grown to extract the juice or petals, leaves or roots do not go to waste and are easily biodegradable. Moreover, the byproducts work as fertilizer for the next batch of plants, which takes place post the usage of the current plants.

Skin Deep Beauty :

Absorption of chemicals or exposure to chemicals on the skin throughout the day is more likely to cause cancer as they  hold the power to penetrate the skin cells and damage them from the depths.

On the other hand, organic beauty products will reach the depths of the skin and will provide strength to the roots, as well as repair the damaged cells.

Organic beauty products are undergoing a revolution, which will change the future course of beauty products across the globe. If you are a beauty enthusiast or an aspiring beautician, organic products are your go-to destination.

Natural Ingredients:

Most of the organic beauty products are made up of fruits, vegetables, and plant parts like leaves and roots rich in medicinal properties. Thus these natural ingredients keep the skin soft, supple and glowing from within.

Regular chemical bombardment spoils the outer layer of the skin, which is responsible for regeneration of the delicate layer which is the reason for the skin starts feeling itchy and irritation begins right from the time of application of chemical products.

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