How often do you do quality check in your business?

Ekta Sharma
Ekta Sharma Sep 29 2017 - 3 min read
How often do you do quality check in your business?
Be it Food and Beverage, Retail, Education or Beauty sector, quality check and control plays a vital role in business for franchises and franchisors.

Quality check and control are vital for success of any franchise. Be it any sector, Food and Beverage, Retail, Education or beauty, check on quality is the main concern for the franchisors. Few franchisors do not shy away from doing a surprise quality checks and audits at the franchisee store. Let us tell you how franchisors are tackling this issue and doing the best for top most quality checks.

One of the best ways a franchise is successful is when a customer does not feel that he/she is entering into a different outlet when he/she changes his location. Some great examples can be Dominos, McDonalds where even the interiors and the menu is just the same with the same taste for its customers. Quality control in terms of products and services offered is what keeps a brand running regardless of location. Brands in India and those that have entered via master franchise route are trying their best to spend more on quality checks and audits. This way, a franchisee always knows that someone above him in the hierarchy system is there to keep a check anytime. So, this fear, challenge, will to win and many other factors make a franchise outlet better than the rest.

Talking of the beauty industry, skilled manpower remains an unparalleled challenge. Rahul Yadav, Director, Marilyn Monroe Spas India says: ‘Our FOCO (Franchisee Owned & Company Operated) model is specifically offered to tackle the issue of Quality, Service & Hygiene. While our FOFO (Franchise Owned & Franchisee Operated) Model addresses these problems by way of frequent audits, customer feedback & so on.

Via trainings
Franchisors are also training their franchisees for maintaining the best quality at their outlets. Brands are also conducting franchisee online trainings. While online training cannot completely replace hands-on training, there are a lot of benefits attached with it. Firstly, the trainings can always be recorded and kept in record for future franchisees; they are also much cost effective. At the end of the training, if the franchisor has given any homework or task to-do for the franchisee, the results can be seen online itself and feedbacks can be given accordingly. This way a brand can also keep the training materials ready for anytime. Funskool is one of the top toy brands in India. On being asked how the quality check is done in your industry and what are the steps taken to stop duplicacy, R. Jeswant, Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Funskool India responds: ‘We have a full fledged quality control team which ensure that the products conform to the relevant quality standards. Knock off’s are a problem, especially in products like Rubik’s cubes and Beyblades, but customer awareness is growing and more customers are becoming aware of the need to buy safe toys for children.’

Via visits
While online system has its benefits stated above, personal trainings if given have their own long lasting effects on a franchisee. There can be a lot of new franchisees who may not be well acquainted with the online things, but can feel comfortable and at ease when sitting in front of the franchisor and discussing his/her issues in person. Franchisors should make sure that they are visiting the franchisee frequently. This assures quality control and preparation of checklists. Franchisor can also personally guide the franchisee on measuring quality.

It can be finally said that the process of quality checks is positive for both franchisor and franchisee. A franchisor must carefully develop rules and communicate those to each franchisee. Best quality checks have given best results for biggest brands. So, it is time for you to make quality check a tradition and fly high in your sector.

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