How is Artificial Intelligence enhancing the health and beauty industry

Madhusree Chowdhury
Madhusree Chowdhury Nov 02 2017 - 4 min read
How is Artificial Intelligence enhancing the health and beauty industry
Emergence of technology has really benefited many sectors. Artificial Intelligence is no exception! What makes Artificial Intelligence favourable? Let’s find out…

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing that the world is both excited and worried about. Taking the good sides of its applications, any industry can be taken to a paradigm shifting level. Heavy research is continuously developing the AI platform and making it more efficient. A recent study from the house of Frost & Sullivan states that the market for AI applications in the healthcare domain will reach $6 billion by the end of 2021.

The healthcare institutions are continuously searching for means to make services better and efficient. It will definitely ensure a proper outcome in the future. Considering this aspect, Watson, IBM’s creative AI system, can easily access a pile of data brilliantly and provide apt guidance to the service provider regarding a particular patient. This aids in taking appropriate medical decisions and enhance the clinical workflow. The main aim of implementing AI is to ease the job of doctors and make healthcare better.

AI Assistance in medical treatment
Optimizing the medical process is what the basic motto of an AI system is in this contemporary era. The aim to create a proper AI will be able to check vital signs, ask particular questions and diagnose less critical cases. Doctors will be able to attend more cases that are critical.

Today, AI contributes in handling outpatient management and other clinical services. For instance, your.MD is a particular application that runs on an AI-powered platform. It is capable of delivering particular information regarding ailments that a patient needs. The platform accesses a vast network that provides relative information.

Ai algorithms are capable of detecting diseases from test results. It might sound absurd, but the anomalies in an image can be easily detected by an AI better than a human eye. Millions of test samples can be tested accurately via a well-developed AI platform.

The application of AI will surely become a part and parcel of the healthcare industry. It seemed far-fetched few years back, but the continuous development in the AI models is showing a ray of hope. AI will be able to draw a conclusion based on fed information way faster than an individual. The artificial platform can be used in the wearable industry very efficiently to monitor the vitals and give proper metrics to understand a person’s physiological behavior.

AI assistance in beauty industry
Beauty is a universal quest for human beings. Aging seems to be the biggest issue. AI has the perfect way to get involved in the beauty industry. Using biometrics and analyze the data with the aid of an AI platform might quantify beauty. In fact, designing beauty products will not be a problem in the future.

The beauty industry is shifting towards a phase where the products and services will be personalized. Engaging AI in this aspect will become a great deal for the beauty and cosmetic industry. A detailed AI can develop a perfect figure as per the physiological information of a person and can suggest what to do to achieve it.

Currently, the huge $445 billion industry is being reshaped by Ai-driven shopping experience. An AI personal stylist is what people want these days. Using AI chat-bots for entertaining queries from the beauty enthusiasts is giving great outcomes to the brands. The sales are automatically rising when the customers are being nicely guided by an AI system. Asking for tips regarding hair colors or choosing a hairstyle will not become a gossip topic for a group anymore. The AI-driven platform will provide the ultimate suggestions that can be executed blindly.

Heading towards a new future
From customer service to e-commerce management, an AI system can handle things very easily and very quickly. No customer will be left unattended when an AI is deployed. No fatigue or downtime will slow down business. The time constraint factor will be potentially eliminated by the uninterrupted service.

The customer care infrastructure will become more effective. On the other hand, the capability of analyzing a huge amount of data will also make conducting business more convenient and appropriate. Highlighting flawed areas and forecasting trends will increase the efficiency and productivity of a business. The AI-driven application will increase at a CAGR of almost 35% within 2022. The end results will be very promising for both health and beauty industry.

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