How Internet Benefit Education System in India

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Aug 18 2021 - 4 min read
How Internet Benefit Education System in India
Below we have tried to cover some benefits of the internet and technology in terms of education

Traditionally, the Internet and Education are two different things. We need Education to live a good life while the internet helps to make life good. They both seem the same in some ways. Both education and the internet help in passing information from one person to another. Internet helps to understand education and education helps to know the internet. Modern day’s scholar always tries to skim information throughout the internet. Interference of the internet in our daily life made it easy to get information on specific topics. We just Google about anything we want to learn. Internet became the simplest, easy and trusted way to find out anything.

In the last two years, many universities and colleges allowed students to learn online by internet. The Internet allows students to get a bachelorette or masters degree by just sitting in their home and learning through the internet. Millions of books and how-to videos are available across the internet. This means if a student has a good speed internet and a smartphone he can learn anything he wants. Below we have tried to cover some benefits of the internet and technology in terms of education.

Futuristic Approach

The internet and technology have transformed the face of education. Free learning, online assessment, pedagogical tools and platforms, immersive learning and practical applications have become normal. The potential of these technologies cannot be underestimated. These new technologies empower everyone to learn at their own pace and with the ability to interact with each other across borders relatively easily. Technology in Education should be seen not only as a system of instruction but also as a foundation for social interaction and citizen science.

Less Division

Technology is emerging as a force in the global economy and education. The next big thing will be using these technologies for creating connections across various students and teachers so that they can learn from each other more effectively. Currently, online learning is mainly focused on filling up knowledge gaps which can be boring for students and teachers. This not is enough to help students who are interested in getting a job after they finish their studies or who need specialized skills that online courses can't provide. The Internet helped to solve this problem. 

Digitally Active Students

The internet and technology have greatly improved the education sector. Research has shown that students who regularly use technology perform better in school. The easy access to information and the ability to communicate easily has increased the level of competition in schools which makes students better students. Technology in schools doesn't just help students perform better; it enhances their lives in many ways. The future of education may not be based on rote learning but more on brainstorming and developing ideas based on real-world issues

Better Workforce

Internet is moving towards providing more and more resources with the help of technology. This technology has an important role to play in the process of education as it helps in providing students with better resources, allowing teachers and educational institutions to keep track of students electronically, allowing them to check their work in real-time and providing other resources.

The benefits of the Internet in the Education sector far outweigh its drawbacks. This technology has revolutionized the way we consume information, learn new skills and network with each other. If students are exposed to the internet from the very first stage of their life, they will be more confident using the internet their whole life. Coding and programming basics which are taught in modern schools with the help of the internet are also as important as other subjects. The accessibility of knowledge on the Internet has transformed the educational experience making it more interesting for students.

Time-Efficient System

The use of the internet made the education process very time efficient. Education in earlier time was so much longer and time-consuming but now you can learn while eating, travelling and while doing some other works as well. You do not need to go to school or college every day to learn. You can do that by sitting in your home. Reading books also became handy as everything (like books) is available on the internet.

Fewer Resource Usage

The use of technology in education has been increasing in recent years. This has given teachers the ability to organise their classes more effectively, and classroom management through social media platforms has become an important method in classroom management. Technology can improve learning for both students and teachers. The Internet helped to reduce the use of stationeries and physical books which is very good as per environment purposes. Many schools are also using technology materials such as e-books and apps in their instruction

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