How Has Technology Changed Education for Future Generations

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Sep 02 2021 - 4 min read
How Has Technology Changed Education for Future Generations
In this article, we'll look at how technology has changed the educational system in the past few years

Ed-tech refers to the combination of education and technology. Simultaneously, it also means blending technology with traditional education to enhance its approach. The field of Ed-tech encompasses a wide variety of technological advances, including software, hardware, and internet-based services. Simply put, an ed-tech program or service is an educational or training program designed to provide solutions, resources, or know-how to help individuals.

ED tech is often confused with software and automation, but it's more than that. It's a wide-ranging umbrella term that includes all things related to learning and education. It includes online learning programs, online textbooks, online courses, and even learn-on-demand software.

What Necessary Changes Came Due To Lockdown?

Ed-tech witnessed some great changes in recent years. Covid and lockdown made schools and colleges adopt the technology for the continuous flow of teaching and learning patterns. While Major Ed-tech giants got an opportunity for establishing themselves in the market.

Students majorly shifted to online classes and E-books, In place of notebooks and pens. Additionally, teachers began using smartboards for instruction instead of whiteboards or blackboards.

Ease of Learning for Students

The Ed-tech revolution came with a new idea for students to learn from anywhere. They can learn literally from anywhere. They don’t need to make notes for later as lectures can be recorded and listened to on the go. Students can ask questions from any part of the world. It also changes how students saw education. Children now feel happy and easy to get the classes online.

The ed-tech revolution has made it possible for students to learn virtually. Students can access content in their fields of interest through online learning platforms. The ability to learn from anywhere, at any time, has transformed the educational landscape forever. Anyone can access and learn from any subject matter by simply logging onto a learning website or app. Technology has made it possible for anyone to learn at their pace.

Future-Ready Kids

The Ed-tech revolution has brought high-quality tools and new platforms to students. The platforms that emerged had to have a certain function for students. Technology plays an important role in any revolution; but due to Ed-tech, the function has changed drastically.

The tools added by ed-tech platforms are definitely not bad, and many are highly beneficial for modern education. Learning online has opened up new doors for education. It has made information more accessible and helped students grow in their abilities. Learning from others can create a sense of community while making classroom management simpler and more efficient. Online learning has made it possible for a large number of students to simultaneously gain access to educational resources and engage in meaningful discussions about those resources.

AI And Iot

We are witnessing a revolution in education. Students are acquiring more and more skills while the amount of time they spend on their skills increases. As a result, the expectations for what is taught in schools have also been raised. However, with this comes the responsibility of teachers and students to adapt to a changing world and each other. In many ways, this is already happening as students become more reliant on online resources as they search for answers to questions they have.

Internet of thing and AI are two simple yet needed things taught in the school days right now. Both of them are used to optimize the hardware and software to make the devices and appliances work flawlessly. Our world is increasingly becoming digital with connected things such as our appliances, transportation and homes. Education technology has become one of the most important ways we use technology in our daily lives. The Internet of Things is becoming increasingly digitized with connected devices such as the smart kitchen appliance that uses Wi-Fi to communicate with a phone or tablet. Artificial intelligence is programming and intelligence taught to and then shown by machines.

Open New Ways of Pedagogy

Pacing, learning materials and technology have all become essential in supporting students as they advance their careers. The benefits of this are clear: cost savings and improved instructional practices; more engaging courseware that empowers learners; larger class sizes often supported by tech installed in classrooms; more flexible staffing including remote learning, video collaboration and more due to advancements in artificial intelligence and deep learning.


Through technological interference, education has become an easy way to understand changes happening in the modern world. Students were also prepared for careers through this program. Academics now includes those fields in which students used to do diploma courses



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