How Entrepreneurs Are Helping People In Overcoming To Overcome Colour Vision Difficulties

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Sep 03 2018 - 2 min read
How Entrepreneurs Are Helping People In Overcoming To Overcome Colour Vision Difficulties
There Are A Number Of Businesses That Are Working On Different Products And Services To Overcome Colour Vision Difficulties.

Colour blindness or colour vision deficiency (CVD) can impair certain aspects of daily life and can limit certain activities and chores. One in every 12 men and one in every 200 women have some degree of colour blindness or colour vision deficiency. Approximately 300 million people suffer from colour vision deficiency.  Here are some of the aids available to assist people with increased colour perception.  


Couple of brands are now investing in colour enhancing glasses for colour blind people. Enchroma being the most competitive firm in this business. These eyeglasses work for about 80% of people with red-green colour-blindness.

These eyeglasses incorporate a mix of optical technology and colour vision science to allow the person to see colours differently. The lenses enhance colour perception by filtering out the light into different spectral components.


Similar to commercially available eyeglasses, colour correcting contact lens performs the same trick. Lenses are most preferred because it is easier to correct the entire field of view. These lenses work by changing the wavelength of the colours as they enter the eye to enhance colour discrimination and perception.


In today’s era, almost every person owns a smartphone. App developers are now making the life of colour blind people easier. Android offers a colour correction mode which enables your device to compensate for colour blindness. It allows you to perform a test to know which type of CVD you have. Accordingly allowing you to configure the colour correction mode of your device.

These apps are not limited to smartphones only. With the emergence of smart TVs, brands are now launching colour correctness apps for television. Recently, Samsung launched a new app to help colour blind people, adjust the colour settings on their QLED TVs to their specific needs. The app lets people diagnose their personal deficiencies, and links with the TV to adjust colours based on the results.

Augmented reality app

iPhone offers an augmented reality app that helps colourblind people discriminate between colours. It automatically converts colours in the image which normally can’t be differentiated to the colours which can be differentiated by colour blind people. It can operate directly on the camera or on previously taken images.

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