How Drop Shipping Can Take Your Business Overseas

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Jul 23 2021 - 5 min read
How Drop Shipping Can Take Your Business Overseas
You can start a retail business without purchasing any real products. It means you can sell product you don’t own. Here’s how Looking for a business that can give good return in low investment.

You can start a retail business without purchasing any real products. It means you can sell product you don’t own. Here’s how Looking for a business that can give good return in low investment? Or just eagerly waiting to enter the retail sector without spending a lot? We have an option by which you can do the same.  You can start a retail business without purchasing any products. It means you can sell product you don’t own. Not really, but you can just list your product on your webpage or application. When you get and order customer pays you for the product, then the manufacture will deliver them to the customer. This concept is called Drop shipping.

What is drop-shipping?

Current business era is witnessing a new concept as Drop shipping.  Drop shipping is the practice of sending materials or products by a large retail store to a customer. It can be used to carry out many tasks that are simple and quick. Advantage of using a drop ship service is speed. Company can send items to a customer just in an hour, and they can pick them up from the warehouse in as little as two days. Drop shipping allows you to minimize your investment. With the help of drop shipping you don’t actually need to buy the product and invest a volume in there. Drop shipping allows you to buy the products after it sold from you.

History and future

Drop shipping has grown in popularity over the last few years. It is one of the most prominent ways for online stores to reach out and connect with customers outside of their traditional customer base. The main benefit of drop shipping is that it allows any business to reach out to a large audience, potentially reaching out to new customers or converting existing customers into new fans. Many ecommerce stores have stopped factoring shipping costs when offering discounts as this has become more efficient way of reaching customers. Customers enjoy convenience and value when they buy from online store, as they do not have to worry about transporting the products by road or leaving their homes for picking them up from a warehouse.

Drop shipping has been gaining popularity among customers in India especially in the last one year. Why is this? It is because of higher demands from business and personal life of customers with limited budget for shipping. With internet and mobile communication becoming an important mode of communication among customers, it is natural that drop shipping has also caught up with them.

If you are a small online business owner in India, drop shipping can help you getting best output from your business. Drop shipping is a type of shipping that does not require a box or any other substantial structure. You can place an order with your supplier, who will ship the product directly to your customers. These companies also offer free returns, so you can try out new products before buying them full price.

Pros and cons

Like most of the services, drop shipping also has some pros and cons. Let’s start with showing some positivity with pros

  1. Low investment: You don’t need to invest a big amount, as you aren’t setting you own inventory.
  2. Experimental products: Customer can choose from and array of product. You don’t need to add product in your
  3. Convenient: No hustle of finding, packing and shipping the products.
  4. No location boundaries: You can get customers from anywhere in the globe.
  5. Marketing: You just need to do marketing of you products and manufacture or supplier will take care of product and delivery.


  1. Availability issue- You don’t have control over what is available in the warehouse. Sometime you need to keep an eye on what can be provided in customer’s area and what not.
  2. Quality problem- Sometime manufactured products are not up to the mark, which affects your reputation
  3. Low margin- Low margin is also one of the most common drawback of drop shipping
  4. Suppliers error- Sometime supplier send wrong or tempered products for which sellers are blasphemed
  5. Limited customisation option- When you don’t have the products it won’t be possible to customize or personalize the products.


If you have a shop or doing a business and want to reach out more customers around the globe, then drop shipping is for you! Drop shipping allows you to start the business from a very little investment. If you not have any angel investor or you don’t want to include one, then go for drop shipping business. It needs nothing more than a laptop and some research. You can even start your business from home. It will help you getting more customers without investing more.

We hope you got an idea about what drop shipping is. Now the question is: when are you going start you business and in which sector.

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