How Cleaning Service Franchises are Cleaning it All Profitably

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya Jul 09 2019 - 4 min read
How Cleaning Service Franchises are Cleaning it All Profitably
Cleaning services have become a vibrant industry in itself, which is growing with a CAGR of 30 percent. Read on to know what this niche has got for potential franchises.

In today’s modern world, the simplest of services could be turned into a huge business opportunity. The testimony to it is the surging growth of cleaning services in the Indian market. Cleaning, washing, and laundry are the most basic requirements of running any household smoothly, and it will continue to be so. With most couples working full-time today and living in nuclear families, sometimes these chores seem like too much and things just keep piling up. Only a few could have imagined that these daily activities could actually make a million-dollar industry.

With some business-minded people realizing the potential of this vibrant segment, cleaning services today are gaining momentum and increasing multifold by utilising modern technologies, thereby taking a load off from many households. Cleaning services have become a vibrant industry in itself, which is growing with a CAGR of 30 percent. Moreover, the cleaning service industry seems to be dominated by the players who are into franchising and are earning greater returns by making a low-investment. Here’s how they are doing it:

Tech-driven Cleaning

Whether it’s about the commercial cleaning services or the domestic vertical, the demand is surging every year. One of the key factors that have influenced the growth is technological advancement. Even when every other service was going online, being a click away from the users, no one thought of taking cleaning services online. This is where the opportunity for such an industry got created. As these services got introduced in the online forums, it created the niche for the cleaning industry and the amalgamation of technologies in every other cleaning activity made it a more lucrative opportunity for the players. UClean—a tech-enabled laundry service—is the exemplar of how something as basic as laundry can take over the entire market. UClean has its presence in 33 cities via 110+ franchises that have made the company occupy a market share of 30% in the organised segment, which itself accounts for only 4% of the whole market.

Organised Employment for Workers

96% of the total cleaning market is unorganised. Those employed in the unorganised market face issues like low pay, irregular timings, and unsecured employment. With organised cleaning service franchises coming into the picture, these workers get the opportunity to work in an organised sector where all their issues can be resolved. This way, these franchises are ensuring better job opportunities for those working in the unorganised market, hence bringing about the growth of the industry as well as the working conditions for many.

Change of Lifestyles

What is accentuating the growth of the industry is also the fact that the population of working couples and graduates who are time-starved is increasing day by day. They do not have the time to do cleaning activities; hence, they are increasingly relying on cleaning services. The double-income families who can afford to spend bucks on cleaning services are also increasing the size of this market.

Growth of Specialty Cleaning Services

With the concept getting a green signal from the consumers, unique cleaning opportunities have come into the picture. Services like green cleaning, automobile washes,  carpet and upholstery, kitchen cleaning, and mattress cleaning, etc are quite in demand in residential as well as commercial spaces. For instance, Exppress Car Wash focuses on car washing services, while Book Your Wash is a one-stop solution for all kinds of services ranging from services like home, sofa, carpet mattress, and bathroom cleaning to office and upholstery cleaning.

Higher Profits for Investors and Entrepreneurs via Franchising

The combination of a low-investment business idea and a low-cost business model gives birth to an opportunity that is unlikely to disappoint. Cleaning services brands like UClean and Book Your Wash offer franchise opportunities that are quite affordable yet financially rewarding. An UClean franchise could cost you around Rs 17-18 lakhs for an area of 250 sqft and one can expect breakeven in 18 months, while Book Your Wash offers van model franchise opportunity in Rs 15 lakhs with a gross profit of 40-50%.

Cleaning service franchises are a highly lucrative business model and are an investment-worthy opportunity, which one should not miss.





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