How Brainwonders Is Revolutionising the Career Counselling Market Via Franchising

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Aug 28 2019 - 8 min read
How Brainwonders Is Revolutionising the Career Counselling Market Via Franchising
In an exclusive conversation with Franchise India, Manish Naidu, Owner/MD, Brainwonders, talks about career counselling market in India, his journey, brand growth and future plans

Mumbai based Career counselling startup, Brainwonders, is renowned for its usage of DMIT technology for determining careers.

Manish Naidu was impressed with the rich academic and corporate culture of Mumbai, and that’s what motivated him to initiate his entrepreneurial journey there and it now serves as the home ground.

Brainwonders’ first client base was developed with parents, who discussed their queries with Naidu, and he shared his experience of DMIT with them and that is how the story started. Soon, the parents’ reviews of their services reached the Educators themselves and the brand associated with MISA in February 2017- that is how their institutional connects prospered.

In an exclusive conversation with Franchise India, Manish Naidu, Owner/MD, Brainwonders, talks about career counselling market in India, his journey, brand growth and future plans.

Factors propelling the growth of career counselling market

The Education and Development industry is an evergreen sector. Right from playschool to retirement- one always looks forward to future development. This can be in the form of personal, economic, social or professional development. Thus, our career counselling services always have clients at both retail and institutional levels- and we ensure that our quality-oriented services help them set and achieve goals.

Impact on Technology in the Career Counseling Market

In today’s digital era, students are visiting far off places such as Machu Picchu, the Great Barrier Reef, and other locations without ever leaving the classroom. Technology has the potential to accelerate, amplify, and expand the impact of powerful principles of learning.

Naidu explained the impact of technology, in three words: Awareness, Accessibility and Affordability. “The digital revolution has motivated us to revamp our psychometric assessments and ensure that everyone reaps the benefit of the same right at the tips of their fingers.  Also, as previously stated- we have also updated our data security programme for DMIT to safeguard not only client data but their identity as well,” added, Naidu.

Hurdles in the Journey

Unfortunately, there are a few ‘professionals’ who give the assessment a bad name. Assessments like psychometric tests and DMIT are often seen as something which is very intrusive and to is taken only in case there is a problem with the child’s development or behaviour. It often indicates towards labelling and categorisation of certain traits of the child. However, this is far from the truth. A test or an assessment is directed towards further growth and development and is a wholesome and fruitful experience when done right.

Overcoming the Obstacles

It is Brainwonders’ U.S. patented Counselling concept with DMIT that has ensured that assessment and counselling a giant leap. The great aspect of understanding ALL aspects of using one scientific assessment has been magnanimous growth. Also, it is efficiently backed by decades of research by Prof Lin and also has a U.S. Patent to add to its name. Brainwonders is well renowned for their team of experienced and certified counsellors to add to the value of the whole DMIT process. The tool uses brain mapping technology which uses biometric fingerprint to give a wholesome profile of the individual:

  1. Personality- Understanding of the behaviour and thought processes using DMIT helps in better parenting.
  2. Learning Style- The Brainwonders analysis helps in identifying the correct learning styles which make the study process more productive.
  3. Brain Dominance- The Left or Right Brain dominance through Brainwonders analysis helps in knowing the analytical or creative inclination.
  4. Multiple Intelligence Profile- The Social Skills, Ability to Introspect, Logic and Reasoning, Visual and Spatial Judgement, Control over Body Movements, command over language and Comprehension skills are very important to get the right set of subjects one can benefit from.
  5. Subject Selection- Choosing the right subjects using DMIT is important to get the career decision right on the basis of innate strengths and intelligence.
  6. Career Analysis- The Brainwonders analysis makes helps in making the decision of suitable job profile and work environment ensures success in the chosen career without any social pressure.
  7. Guidance and Recommendations- The DMIT analysis is followed by detailed counselling session which provides unique suggestions for personal and professional development

Thus, the person gets their comprehensive profile without any human error and saves on time too. It in fact is a powerful tool used by corporates and educators alike irrespective of any limitations of age, language, social and economic background and other factors. Brainwonders’ team ensures that the process of testing and counselling is an enriching experience to push the growth of all.

Changes in Consumer Behaviour Pattern

Initially, most of the clients of Brainwonders belonged to high school and the focus was mostly on selecting the right subjects/ courses. However, now the awareness of the same has grown as a preventive as well as management-oriented reports and thus- today they have a vast base of happy customers from all walks of life. DMIT caters to requirements all age groups irrespective of any social background:

  • Toddlers (1-4 years): The DMIT helps parents make decisions on understanding the child’s behaviour, parenting styles, the right preschool and apt teaching methods.
  • Children (4-12 years): This is the age where children learn and absorb the most. Understanding their learning styles and the overall intelligence profile assists in identifying suitable methods to work on certain areas and explore their strengths.
  • Students (11-17 years): Knowing the strengths and recommendations to work on problem areas helps in understanding your intrinsic potential. It highlights the innate primary and secondary learning styles which makes study time more productive.
  • Career Guidance (16 years and above): One can understand their personality and competencies along with leadership qualities to boost their professional growth and ensure success on the job.
  • Adult (25 years and above): Understanding the inborn talents and emotional aspects nurture personal management and foster social relationships.
  • Human Resource: There is no dearth of adults using it to boost their career by learning about their workplace behaviour, their interests and competency areas and ways of improvement. This arms them with the best career options and recommendations on how to excel in their chosen field. Hence, it comes as no surprise that many HR professionals are turning to Brainwonders DMIT to recruit and manage the best employees and orient them towards national growth.

Experiencing Rapid Growth

Over the past 5 years, Brainwonders growth has been exponential. Apart from the schools, we have expanded to 108+ franchises as well. Thus, the whole growth story has been phenomenal.


Franchise model

Brainwonders’ franchise modules work in two ways, area franchise and the other is a master franchise. Area franchise would be someone who wants to have area rights and the master franchise would be someone who wants to have a huge territorial right and inspire to have franchisees under them.

The brand will offer the franchise rights to anyone with the passion to enter the education sector and wanting to make a difference is the right bet for the franchise. The startup cost for a unit franchise will be anywhere from INR 5 lacs to 25 lacs.

The operational cost will be for counsellor and a small working place. So, minimum INR 50 k to 1 Lac per month will be the operational expense for an area franchise and works out to less than INR 6 lacs for a master franchise. But the best part is the returns are more than 300% after the first year.

High Revenues & Margins

Brainwonders’ franchises have various options as they provide varied services which they charge for:

Apart from retail prices as mentioned below, they also have several institutional packages.






WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS: INR 500 to 2000+GST (per participant)

Future expansion plans

All the development of Brainwonders’ initiatives aligns with their vision: To Provide the Best Career Guidance to all.

In fact, they have focussed this year on expansion across Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to cater to the increasing demand for career counselling and professional guidance. The first phase was completed in April 2019 with the following centres beginning their operations:

  • UTTAR PRADESH: Meerut, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Ghaziabad
  • NEW DELHI/ NCR: East, West, North, South and Central
  • RAJASTHAN: Jaipur
  • GUJARAT: Ahmedabad, Surat
  • BIHAR: Patna
  • JHARKHAND: Ranchi
  • ODISHA: Bhubaneswar, Cuttack
  • MAHARASHTRA: Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Kolhapur
  • KARNATAKA: Mysore
  • KERALA: Alleppey
  • TAMIL NADU: Chennai, Trichy, Madurai

Phase 2 and Phase 3 will also culminate this year with 70 new centres. Apart from these, Brainwonders is already present in 108 locations.

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