How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help Healthcare Industry to Flourish

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Apr 05 2018 - 3 min read
How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help Healthcare Industry to Flourish
The question remains the same, can machine any day replace human in precision work.


The world is opening its arms to new development, use of machines and especially artificial intelligence in making life easy for all.

The healthcare sector is no less, there are many developments unfolding in the healthcare sector as well. But the question remains the same, can machine any day replace human in precision work.

Well, the human brain and its experience can never replace but when there is a scarcity of it, then machines can definitely help in filling the space.

Here are some of the points which will help us in identifying how AI can help in the growth of healthcare industry:

The Rarity of Good Doctors:

Availability of doctors has always been a huge problem in India. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, machines would not face problems as doctors face especially in rural parts, where monitoring is difficult. At least AI will help in detecting the diseases and prescribe medicine to patients through connecting with a real doctor from far off places.

As per Dr. Debraj Shome “Good doctors are rare, great doctors are rare. The reason they are rare because they cannot serve humanity equally. Also, whatever good or great doctors are there are not equally distributed across the country or all across the world. Therefore, it becomes important to use AI in order to provide information.”

Neuronavigation Technology

Technologies are being developed which can easily locate the brain tumor, can evaluate the exact size and point where the tumor has grown. With the help of surgery, it can remove the tumor cells without damaging the vital areas of the brain.

According to Dr. Sumit Singh, Director - Neurology, the Artemis-Agrim Institute of Neurosciences, "Neuronavigation technology' acts like a GPS inside the brain to locate tumor accurately and with only a small incision it can be removed without any hassle. Post-surgical disfigurement is also avoided. It helps create an accurate image of the brain, in order to remove the brain tumor and other abnormalities directly, safely, and effectively during the surgery. It reduces the need for the patient to undergo a second surgery and also reduces the risk of surgical complication.”


Not everyone can afford to get treated by renowned hospitals where doctors charge more than the patient’s ability, thus if government and private hospitals can avail AI, the treatment process will take shorter time and affordable.

Dr. Shome says, “Ultimately, what doctors do is use an algorithm or pattern to identify disease and depending on their experience they are then able to solve those patterns or diseases using various treatments. AI could do this better than human beings because if it’s a question of recognizing patterns, artificial intelligence can do that well and can also provide treatments for the common diseases.”

AI Chatbot:

This technology has been there for some time now, which enables the machine to talk to the patient and try to understand the problem. It uses its stored data to get to the root of the problem, which the customer describes and refers them to the required doctor for further help.

Dr. Shome says, “For 70-75% of diseases, AI will be able to do a better job than an average doctor. Since its machine learning which will be distributed; distribute it  and deploy it all over the world without the problems that you have in deploying skilled manpower like doctors in that part of the world.”

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