Here’s the List of Top 7 Beauty Franchises

Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma Jan 27 2021 - 5 min read
Here’s the List of Top 7 Beauty Franchises
Beauty franchises in India have become the best deal to consider because they offer a good income flow. So, here we have discussed the top 7 beauty franchises in India which will help you find the best beauty business that you will be interested in.

Grooming plays an important role in everyone’s life nowadays. It doesn’t matter what the age or gender is. The beauty and wellness sector in India occupies Rs 80,000 crore of market size. It is a remunerative sector for aspiring entrepreneurs. According to sources, the beauty sector is growing at a rate of 20% annually. It is deemed profitable to invest in the beauty industry. This sector has lots of opportunities for people to create various business ideas that can be even started with low investment. 

With the huge demand for beauty services in India, there has been a significant increment in the popularity of beauty franchises. If you are an aspiring beauty entrepreneur make sure to go through the top 7 beauty franchise opportunities that are mentioned below.

1. Beauty Salons-

A beauty salon is perhaps the most demanded services in the beauty sector. When the signs of aging, stress, and anxiety start showing up on our faces as wrinkles or acne, we often try to get over it by visiting a beauty salon. Whether there’s a gathering or a wedding, we don't botch any opportunity to visit a salon to prep ourselves. 

It can be an excellent idea to become a beauty entrepreneur. As salons have become the need of the hour through the increasing demand, a brand name is a thing that pulls everyone, which is the first and foremost advantage of owning a beauty franchised outlet.

2. Spa Centers- 

With the claustrophobic ways of life where everybody feels trapped between the office schedules, a spa is a mitigating escape from the corporate world. The spa industry is well-established and popular as the stress of urban lifestyles is unbearable high.

The relaxation that the spa center offers to the clients is in high demand. These spas are for metropolitan urban areas as well as enlarging their venture into the level II and III markets by means of franchising. 

3. Nail Make-Over Centers- 

Nail make-over centers have arisen as the most growing and most developing segments in the beauty industry, as it has become a necessary piece of women’s fashion. One of the major trends that are disrupting the nail care segment is ‘Nail Extensions’. The nail extensions have revolutionized the nail industry with the new technique rising in popularity day by day. 

In India, nail extension businesses are establishing at an increasing pace and many entrepreneurs are compelled to invest their money in starting a nail extension studio as it offers higher profit margins in the respective business. The concept of nail extensions is serving as a new business opportunity in the beauty industry across the globe.

4. Tattoo Parlors- 

In today’s world, as people are becoming more and more aware of the art of tattoo, the number of people has risen and has fueled the growth of the tattoo industry in India. The entire credit for the Indian tattoo industry getting organized is because of the passionate entrepreneurs that believe this industry to be as lucrative as any other sector.

A couple of years back in India, the tattoo business was not considered a lucrative business for an entrepreneurial journey. But as time passed by, the segment has managed to make a slow jump, emerging as one of the trendiest business options nowadays.

5. Massage Clinics-

Lifestyle across the globe are getting more tensed, stressed, and pressurized as the private and corporate sector is getting denser and tougher with each passing day. In such a case, owning a massage clinic franchise could turn out to be a lucrative business option.

You could cater to the modern-day people, especially ones that belong to the private and corporate world by providing them relief through your relaxing massage services.

6. Mehndi Artistry Centers- 

Mehndi has been an integral part of Indian culture for a long time. Many of the Hindu traditional and auspicious occasions are incomplete without a mehndi ceremony. Besides being a traditional art form, it has a lot of scope for creativity in the business sector.

The various patterns of mehndi could be inspired by any culture across the globe, for instance, Arabic, African, Pakistani, among others. Mehndi is not just limited to Asian countries; the art form has attracted a lot of western countries too. Therefore, a huge amount of profit could be generated in its business. 

7. Eyelash Make-Over- 

Eyelash extension is disrupting the beauty industry and has now become a part of mainstream beauty regimens for women across the globe. A set of eyelash extensions costs upwards of Rs 5,000(approximately). And, it isn't a one-time expense. Each time you need to get them re-done, which will be at least once a month, you'll have to shell out an additional Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000(approximately), depending on how many lashes are to be attached.

With the long and lush eyelashes being in fashion, people are opting for eyelash extensions rather than opting for a fake one. This is one of the many reasons for investing in the eyelash industry in India.

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