Here's How to Install Fans for Maximum Air Flow

Mithilesh Singh
Mithilesh Singh Jun 15 2021 - 3 min read
Here's How to Install Fans for Maximum Air Flow
Here we share a few tips and tricks to ensure optimal installation of fans for effective airflow.

With summer comes the constant need to be in a well-ventilated, cool room under an effective fan. A pleasant breeze in the summer season can be incredibly comforting and put us in an excellent mood. But how effective our fans will largely depend on the way we install them. If we don't install them properly, even the best fans would not be able to do the job well.

This is why, whether it's a ceiling fan, a pedestal fan, or a wall fan, it is important to be mindful of where and how we place and install them to ensure maximum airflow.

Here we share a few tips and tricks to ensure optimal installation of fans for effective airflow.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one of the most popular categories of fans available in the market and have also proven to be the most effective option for some spaces. Ceiling fans are perfect for rooms that have a shortage of space.

To make ceiling fans more effective, there are a few installation practices that you must keep in mind. Make sure that your fan is installed in the right spot that's right above your seating area or bed. This would allow your fan to circulate the air around you and create a pleasant environment.

You can also install more than one fan in larger rooms to ensure the entire area gets enough ventilation.

Wall Fans

Wall fans are immensely popular in Indian homes. These fans can be easily installed without taking any floor space and have an added option of getting placed closer to your seating area, increasing airflow. These fans are excellent for rooms with high ceilings or spaces with cramped up ceilings.

The best way to install these fans is to leverage their advantage of being wall fitted and choose the wall at a convenient distance from your seating area. However, you must be careful not to place these fans too close to your seats as that can be dangerous.

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans have a great advantage in that they can be placed wherever you want without any complicated installation. In addition, these fans are completely portable and can be moved from one place to another. However, if you're looking for a spot to place these fans permanently or for long durations, the best option is to keep them near a balcony or a window.

These open spaces are generally cooler than the indoor areas, and your fan will be able to circulate the fresh air into your room. This will create a pleasant environment in your space and allow a free flow of fresh air.

If you're placing more than one pedestal fan, it's always a great idea to keep them diagonally opposite to each other for effective cross ventilation.

So, these were a few of our tried and tested tips that would help you install fans in the best way possible, allowing optimal air circulation. This being said, no matter which fan you purchase, you must always go for quality products from reputed brands like Luminous. Luminous has a range of excellent fans that are effective, durable, and affordable too. So, head to their website today and pick out the best fan for your homes.


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