Here Is The List Of 50 Most Powerful Marketing Words

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Mar 22 2019 - 3 min read
Here Is The List Of 50 Most Powerful Marketing Words
Words have the power to connect with your prospective customers, engage them and ultimately generate sales

Have you’ve ever seen some advertisement which compelled you to avail the products/services they are offering? We all have faced this dilemma at some point in life.

The secret of this compelling magic lies behind the power of words, in short, copywriting. Copywriters use powerful marketing words to influence consumers into buying their products/services.

If you’re sceptical that words don’t have the power of attracting a costumer that remember that many brands devote a considerable amount of time and money in finalizing even a 2-3 lines advertisement headlines/slogan, as the words used matters a lot. They have a proper team who work on these and focuses on selecting the right set of words. As it’s said, “Words are mightier than swords,” it is important to choose your words carefully. Here is the list of some magic marketing words that will surely help you get good traction.

Marketing Words To Gives the Sense of Assurance

One of the best ways to attract potential customers and turn them into buyers is to give them assurance. One need to promise the customers that the thing you’re selling is worth buying. Below are some powerful words which invoke the sense of assurance among the consumers.










Words That Gives Premium Feel

In Today’s time, everyone wants to feel special. Customers nowadays don’t shy away for spending a few extra bucks if the product offers them a luxurious feel. People want what they can’t have and they want what other people can’t have, this is called exclusivity. Use the below words to create the feeling of exclusivity among your consumers.












- Exotic 

Creating a Sense of Desire & Urgency

How many times have you seen a phrase which says, Limited period only, only a few left or last chance, and immediately availed that product/service, so that you don’t lose the offer?  

Almost every brand use urgency as a known factor to help them win sales. An urgency is a form of persuasion which creates anxiety within the buyer which makes them feel that they might lose a benefit if they don’t act immediately. It works the best with promotional offers attached to it. Here are the words which create a sense of urgency.









- Expires



Words That Help Your Customers Feel At Ease

You are most likely to gain a customer if he/she has full faith in your product/service. Your customer should be able to easily rely on your brand’s offering without any doubt; in other words, make sure your customer is at ease. Here are the following words which induce this feeling.

- Easy









-Cancel Anytime


- Hassle-Free

Most Effective Marketing Words







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