Here are The 5 Best Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs

Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma May 11 2021 - 4 min read
Here are The 5 Best Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs
Identifying your unrecognized talent is an important aspect to explore before you venture into ground zero. Here are five business ideas for women.

A very famous adage of all time -‘Behind every successful man, there’s a woman.’ But what’s the case for a successful woman?

In a recently conducted study, it is revealed that about 8 million women have started or are running businesses. With the exponential rise in the number of successful women entrepreneurs, it’s evident that the role of women has shifted towards making themselves successful rather than being a contributor to the success of their male counterparts.

There are numerous innate skills and abilities with which most of women are born. It’s just that a few of them realize their potential on time, and they eventually turn out to be successful entrepreneurs. Therefore, identifying your unrecognized talent is an important aspect to explore before you venture into ground zero. Here are five business ideas for women that are financially rewarding.

1. Providing In-Home Child Care Services-

If you have a caring heart for children and love to care for children, then venturing into in-home child care services is a great opportunity. Child care services are highly in demand due to the prevalent fast-paced lifestyles of people. These days both fathers and mothers are working, and leave their newborns and toddlers to crèches or day care centers.

Most of the parents rely upon in-home child care services because of certain reasons. Thereby, there is a rising demand for in-home child care services in India. The amount of investment that is required to open an in-care child care services business is minimal but the returns could be high.

2. Becoming an Interior Designer-

Women are considered to be a homemaker as they acquire the abilities to convert a room into ‘a house’. Therefore, interior design could be a good option if you are creative enough to design the interiors of a house. To become an interior designer, a sense of visualization is quite important. A business in interior designing could be started off by trying it out with your own home or close friends' or relatives'. With more and more exposure, the skills can be polished.

An interior designing business can be flourished through strong word of mouth too. Recommendations from your previous clients can work out for you in order to expand your reach. The basic pay of an interior designer in India could approximately range between Rs 50-60,000 per month.

3. Providing Teaching Services-

Teaching has always been one of the most preferred business opportunities for women. With the education sector evolving constantly, the teaching profession has taken a completely new shape. With the introduction of new technologies in the education sector, new teaching platforms such as online learning platforms, learning apps, and virtual reality-based teaching, are coming into play.

Providing teaching services to children through online or offline platforms can be a lucrative opportunity for women. With an almost negligible amount of investment, you can expect higher returns in teaching services.

4. Opening a Restaurant/Café-

In India, most of the women are the queens of the kitchen. Most of the women are passionate about cooking. Opening a restaurant or café could be a beneficial business opportunity for those who love cooking.

A restaurant business is a rewarding one as the number of returns is generally higher than that of the amount of investment. The minimum amount that needed to be invested in a restaurant business is INR 3-5 lakhs (the amount varies from person to person, this amount is calculated keeping in mind the basic requirements including space, material, kitchen items, and government license).

5. Starting a Ladies Boutique-

Opening a boutique could be a wonderful option for those who are into fashion designing and are passionate to create magic through their apparel. A good sense of fashion, creativity, and business together can help you become a successful entrepreneur.

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