Global Mindset for Today’s Education Leaders

Reetika Bose
Reetika Bose Mar 19 2018 - 4 min read
Global Mindset for Today’s Education Leaders
Today there is a New world and old world of education and two need to be married for meeting the needs of our customers i.e. – Students and their parents.

Recently it seems that innovation is a buzzword on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Need happier employees? Innovate! Need bigger profits? Innovate! Need better leadership? Innovate!

The Global Mindset

Unfortunately, innovation is too often be touted as a silver bullet solution without even defining what innovation is. Some folks have taken a stand against innovation, given its use as a catchall strategy. Yet I stand firmly in support of innovation as a focus for making better organizations which leads to my belief that what is most important is not that we “innovate” for innovation’s sake, but that we create cultures of innovation in our organizations -- cultures that supports risk-taking, reflection, and real collaboration.

As technology has advanced and revolutionized the world we have studied in, we have powered the pragmatic transformation in education. Today there is a New world and old world of education and two need to be married for meeting the needs of our customers i.e. – Students and their parents.

In this era of strife and steep competition, it is prudent to groom students from a younger age, for them to gain an edge over competition as in this rat race called life, only the fit survive and thrive.

Experts Speak

“With the ongoing scenario, things are changing very rapidly in IIT’s, a system that I represent”, said Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi. “For example, Creativity and Innovation in our higher education is becoming as important as literacy at the grassroots level. A lot of initiatives are being taken in IIT Delhi; one of our goals is to connect the students and the faculty with the society on a higher scale”, said Prof. Rao.

Rao went on to pitch for a good startup environment in all the IIT’s in India. “The kind of quality students we attract here in IIT simply makes them the job providers and not job searchers. The startup culture is progressing very well. In another 10 years, a complete transformation of the IIT system will be playing a major leadership role and these sums up of us being in the right track”, said Ramgopal Rao.

 “IIT Delhi has a very good ecosystem for startups and innovation and that is something that we are further building on. We have started a course on Entrepreneurship to formally teach students the basics of starting a company out of an idea and in a way accelerate the process of innovation. Our process of Teacher training selection is very rigorous. We give our faculty the freedom to explore their area of interest and accordingly excel in it. Pushing the boundaries that make them live up to the standards”, concluded Prof. Rao.

Aditya Berlia has been instrumental in developing the vision and strategy of the organization, where he is always seen envisioning, planning and implementing all the technological initiatives undertaken in the 27 Apeejay schools and higher institutions spread over India.

“Innovation comes as a byproduct. Organisation Alignment is a secondary concern for me. Innovating just for the sake of innovation doesn't make sense. One has to make sure that within the context of an organization you have a goal, a challenge, and a strategy, something that the organization as a unit wants to accomplish and innovates towards that. So, when an organization works as a culture of innovation, the alignment between all the different parts of the organization is important to allow them to innovate towards the same goal”, Aditya further stated.

“If we believe that we can train students, to look at innovation as a process, to do basic things like identifying problems, figuring out what are the steps required for the solution. Innovation for them will always be a byproduct. Most importantly, students will be able to see their efforts immediately.  Particularly for our students, innovation teaches them how to do the processes and creating a mindset that encourages them to do so”, said Berlia.

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