Futuristic Trends that Indian Tattoo Franchisors Should Get Ready for

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Aug 01 2019 - 3 min read
Futuristic Trends that Indian Tattoo Franchisors Should Get Ready for
Nothing is permanent in this world which is why we humans try to be in peace with our temporary pleasures of life. One such pleasure is tattooing.

The entire credit for the Indian tattoo industry getting organised is because of the passionate entrepreneurs that believe this industry to be as lucrative as any other segments. For a long time, tattoo business, especially in India was not considered as a lucrative option for an entrepreneurial journey. But as time passed by, the segment has managed to make a slow jump, emerging as one of the trendiest business options in modern time.

Nothing is permanent in this world which is why we humans try to be in peace with our temporary pleasures of life. One such pleasure is tattooing. In fact, many people say that they want to carry their tattoo to their grave. Furthermore, it is also true that tattoos have been in existence as a mode of pleasure for a long time now. But it's becoming a major sector for investment in the last couple of years.

The international tattoo industries are much more organised and recognised as a profitable and lucrative business opportunity as compared to India. But things are gradually changing for the domestic tattoo industry as well. Entrepreneurs are widely adopting western trends and ideas that could further boom this industry in India, attracting more number of people to get inked.

With the availability of both permanent and temporary tattoos, the industry can emerge as one humongous market in future, attracting a whole new mass of people for investing in the service. So, how can the Indian tattoo industry evolve in terms of providing services?

Mentioned below are some recommended trends that the Indian entrepreneurs should prepare for making this industry more widely acceptable and lucrative among the Indians.

Disappearing Tattoos

This trend could be a blessing to all tattoo lovers that love getting inked but hate its permanence. Disappearing tattoos are very similar like any other tattoos, including the entire inking process. The only difference is in the material of the ink which is designed to disappear naturally.

Short-term tattoos are in huge demand in western countries. As India is known for quickly adopting trends that roars on the international platform, India might very soon see the concept of disappearing tattoos being practiced/inked.

Glow-in-the-Dark Tattoos

This is among the most controversial tattoo trend that currently exists on a global level. Again, it's very similar to regular tattoos which are designed to glow in the dark. Such kind of tattoos can provide you some different attention, especially when you are out partying in disks and clubs.

But the only problem with glow-in-the-dark tattoos is that they are more likely to be rejected by a customer’s body than standard tattoo inks. As India is rapidly increasing in terms of urbanisation and latest fashion trends, this trend might transform the Indian tattoo industry being a fad.

Stitching Tattoos

The modern culture in India and across the world is obsessed with nostalgia. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise that some of the emerging tattoo trends or techniques are not new at all. Stitching tattoo is one such technique that is getting popular again in western countries.

Tattoo artists are trying to bring back this lost art form where permanent stitching patterns are created through a needle and ink-soaked inking. It will be interesting to see how the Indian entrepreneurs will plan accordingly in order to dominate the nation’s tattoo market with techniques like this.

While the Indian tattoo market is still in its growing phase, the future eventually carries a lot of promise to offer. Despite the advances in trends and techniques occurring, traditional tattoo experience will always remain the favourite one. So, are you ready to test out some latest tattoo innovation on your customers?

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