Folk Dance Fitness Routine: A Promising Franchise Opportunity

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya Jul 26 2019 - 3 min read
Folk Dance Fitness Routine: A Promising Franchise Opportunity
The vibrant punjabi ‘Bhangra’, graceful Gujarati ‘Garba’, and the soft and subtle ‘Chhau’ – these are some of the most entertaining folk dances of the Indian origin which have now become a fitness routine for many. Read on to explore opportunities!

With fitness being a buzzword for the past few years, a lot of innovations are being devised by entrepreneurs in the field from all across the world. Seizing the fresh business opportunities that underlie in the field of fitness, Indians have successfully managed to come up with a fresh idea that we know as folk dance fitness routine.

The vibrant Indian folk dances that have been present in the culture since forever are now transforming into fitness regimes that are helping people in achieving their fitness goals through fun and exciting way, i.e., dancing their heart out on some loud, desi beats. The vibrant punjabi ‘Bhangra’, graceful Gujarati ‘Garba’, and the soft and subtle ‘Chhau’ – these are some of the most entertaining folk dances of the Indian origin which have now become a fitness routine for many. The concept is taking the world by storm and is going to be a lucrative business opportunity for the generations to come.

Folk Dance fitness: Why is it Gaining Foothold?

Gym workouts like squats, crunches, planks, leg raise etc are becoming very common in nearly all the gyms and fitness studios. Doing same exercises daily becomes boring and makes people less motivated to go to gyms. Meanwhile, fresh concepts like folk dance fitness are getting a green signal from the consumers as they add to the lost zing in those regular fitness clubs with loud, rustic beats and music that can be choreographed differently every day. Every day people go to the fitness club and expect something new and exciting, and this is attracting people towards these clubs more than ever.

Apart from adding newness in the fitness routines, folk dances serve as great functional workout as they involve every part of the body. According to sources, in a one-hour dance session, around 800-1200 calories can be burn. So folk dancing is beyond dancing the heart out and shedding a pound or two, it has a more scientific approach towards fitness. This is one of the biggest reasons why people are opting for a folk dance fitness routine. After all, who doesn’t want to lose fat while enjoying!

Another reason why folk dance fitness routine is emerging as a promising fitness regime in India is that it connects with the Indian souls. Even though dance forms like aerobics and zumba have already marked their presence in the Indian fitness scenario, various folk dances are more relatable to most Indian consumers. The familiar Indian beats, music and steps in folk dancing makes dancing more comfortable for Indian souls, thereby creating an indigenous niche in the fitness industry for Indian entrepreneurs.

Folk Dance Fitness as a Promising Franchise Opportunity

With more than 100 folk dances present in the Indian culture, there could be ample opportunities in this nascent market. Many start-ups have initiated their careers in folk dance fitness routine and are gaining a lot of popularity among the millennials. Folk Fitness, one of the most popular folk dance inspired fitness routine organisers, has 122 registered folk dance styles from across India and conducts programs in partnership with various organisations such as corporate offices, schools, events, gym and studios. They have more than 600 folk fitness certified trainers and are present in 18 cities in India.

With such capacity of deep penetration, it is likely that a folk dance fitness franchise model will gain momentum. Franchising will help such concept grow and flourish in the small cities as well as in the large cities due to a business model that requires intense innovations but lesser investment. Such growing popularity of this fitness trend can further be multiplied by adopting a franchise model in the near future.  


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