Five Organic Food Business Ideas, One Can Start Under Rs. 5000

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Mar 05 2019 - 3 min read
Five Organic Food Business Ideas, One Can Start Under Rs. 5000
It doesn’t necessarily mean always buying natural products but to learn how to grow them in the courtyard as well.

Looking at the rate at which pollution quotient is growing in our daily life, it has become important to look for alternatives to let their health get affected by pollution.

It doesn’t necessarily mean always buying natural products but to learn how to grow them in the courtyard or grow a kitchen garden as well.

The global population is likely to hit 9.1 billion by 2050, which is an alarm that the population growth will affect the land used for growing food items. This has given rise to the production as well the as demand of the organic food products grows to multiple folds.

There is a huge scope for this business to grow, but if you are confused about how to start a business in this particular field, then this piece is all about that.

Here are some of the best business ideas revolving around the concept of organic foods:

Diet Consultant:

A lot of people are in the dilemma, which of the organic food, will benefit them in ways they want it to help them, so being an organic foods consultant can help them with the right food product. The investment in developing the business would not take more than Rs. 5000, where one can start promoting the business online and offline. One need not an office as such, they can start the business online.

How/ Which Organic Products to Grow

Also a lot of people are not really sure which all products they can grow and how to grow them. So one can start teaching them online through video tutorials or simply step by step guide in articles, while explaining the benefits of growing the same plant in different places and what care those plants need. This business can also be started under Rs. 5000 for the internet connection to upload videos or articles on how they are grown and one can start the business from home.

Supplying the supplements

Supplements like the seeds, containers and equipments, if one does not have the idea and gives up on the idea; one can start renting the equipments and containers or can make from the reusable items like sacks, cardboards. One can start supplying the supplements and start a DIY channel of reusing the existing equipments or making one out of it. The DIY channel is a big hit in the organic foods field. This business can also be started with the investment as low as Rs. 5000 for the shooting the video, good quality smartphones can work wonder.

Organic Pet food Supplier

Not only human but also pets can also be turned organic food consumer. Since organic food is a bit expensive as compared to other food products, one can start growing organic pet food, but if you are working, then one can any day look out for those who supply organic pet food for reasonable price.

One can start the business of supplying organic pet foods to the veterinary clinics or to homes who have pets, by growing some and this business can be started with an investment as low as Rs. 5000 to grow and supply the products with reasonable prices and get them home delivered to the consumers.

Organic Party Planner

If one has accepted the organic food option for life, they would influence their family, friends and relatives to do the same. In some occasions where the number of guests outnumbers the supplies in the home, then one would definitely looks for options but the organic restaurants are expensive. Which is why Organic party planners exist to help those people out, the Organic party planner can start his/her business with an investment as low as Rs. 5000 to grow the supplements and supplying them to the venues. One can start the business by boxing them in reusable containers, which is an eco-friendly way of attracting folks.

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