Examining the Impact of Social Forces on Healthcare

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Oct 13 2021 - 3 min read
Examining the Impact of Social Forces on Healthcare
There are multiple social groups or you can say social parts which force healthcare systems to change

Multiple factors in society transform and regulate any industry. Similarly, the medical field is no exception. The health industry undergoes many changes due to the influence society has on it. There are multiple social groups or you can say social parts which force healthcare systems to change. Some changes are easily noticeable while some changes can only be seen by intellectuals with entrepreneurial approaches. If you are not a person with so much farsightedness but want to know how things work. You can assuredly read this article to know about your future as a businessman. Also, this article gives an idea about how businesses educators and even governments impact healthcare.


Businesses, no matter how big or small they are, impact healthcare a lot. As we know healthcare industry consists of multiple small businesses insurance equipment, devices, health insurance, medical tourism, telemedicine Original equipment manufacturers OEMs to run swiftly.  Having so many small business fields in it makes it a complex system and decentralizes the factors transforming it. Small businesses help the industry is growing at promptly by succouring it when needed. These small businesses indirectly (or sometimes directly) control the prices of goods and services.

Health care costs in India are rising because lifestyle diseases are becoming more prevalent, and there is a rising demand for affordable healthcare. Health care costs are on the rise, technological developments, telemedicine, health insurance penetration, and government initiatives such as e-health as well as tax incentives and benefits are driving the industry.

Educators and Schools

Educators play a significant role in moulding the future of any country. They quintessentially teach students to get remunerative jobs and help society to grow. Better education means high awareness Regarding diseases and their precautions. A well-educated person has a high chance to buy the insurance and having a well-paying job will help him buy services and products more widely. After getting good education he will be able to distinguish between good and bad and can help the industry grow.

As employers also, educated people tend to assure the health safety of their workers which end up profiting the healthcare industry.

On the other hand, People with less education are often forced to live in a bad environment due to their economic conditions. It presents numerous challenges that affect their health, including less access to supermarkets and healthy food choices, less access to green space or other recreational areas, higher crime rates, lower-quality schools, fewer jobs and increased levels of pollution.

Even when access to care is equal, people with lower levels of education have worse health than those with higher levels of education. In the same health system, a 2011 survey of patients found that nearly 70 per cent of college graduates aged 25-64 described their health as very good or excellent, while only 32 per cent of non-college graduates described their health the same way.


Healthcare is commonly known as an industry ran by tech and controlled by the government.  Providing high-quality health care is a government responsibility that must be protected and advanced. Governments very often interfere in the healthcare industry as they know that it is impossible for the industry to fulfil all the demand by itself. Partnerships between the central, state, and local governments and the private sector are essential if high-quality care is to be achieved. In a constantly changing, decentralized delivery system, implementing general principles regarding the government's appropriate role requires a partnership between the public and private sectors.

Governments also help industries by providing them access to the latest technology and sponsor their research works. It sometimes helps by giving rebates on import duties and give them funding for expansion as well.


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