Ensuring Good Health and Lifestyle with Holistic Healing

Samara Mahindra
Samara Mahindra Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Ensuring Good Health and Lifestyle with Holistic Healing
Health is important for all but when it comes to mental health, a lot more efforts are needed than required to maintain a healthy body and holistic wellness ensures the same.

Healthcare today often takes into consideration a reductionist approach, in which treatment protocol stems from the onesingle point. Everything comes down to one microscopic point from which diagnosis, prognosis and protocols are measured, planned and administered. This, however, results in a similar way of healing, which is healing the physical symptoms of the body from that point. To make it more understandable, cancer treatment most often is provided in this manner. We treat the organ or area of the body which is diseased and leave out the rest. What I mean by rest, is not the rest of your body, but the rest of you. This is where holistic wellness comes into play.

Holistic Health
Holistic healing is one which treats a person as a whole. It’s an approach which addresses the body, mind and spirit or the physical, emotional and mental aspects of an individual. Our body is connected to our mind and mind to our body; this is not separated and can never be so.Holistic health views the body, mind and spirit as a single entity.

Wellness is a huge market and with innumerable opportunities. It is multi dimensional and has various other industries in it. The wellness industry is being looked upon as the next trillion dollar industry. The industry grew at a CAGR of 16.9% in 2011 generally due to the growing demands of the urban population. Holistic wellness market has started catering to the needs of consumers which target mental wellness.It provides a complete package of healing body, mind and soul and consumers are turning towards it to unleash its good qualities. The expanding market of holistic wellness is reaching out to consumers in all sectors of the society. 

The Reasons
The reason that holistic healing is a much more viable, effective and absolute way of healing is that it deals with the root cause of the illness. Not just the physical symptoms. The root cause can stem from the mind or the body, from nutritional, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental disturbances that have caused an irritated, inflammatory and acidic environment which chronic diseases love to thrive in. The “rogue” cells create a harbour for themselves. Almost mimicking the workings of healthy cells, creating their own supply of food, blood vessels and home to live and grow in. Known to be a process called angiogenesis and mostly referred to in the case of cancer. Suddenly the cluster of these cells becomes a cluster of millions and billions, overpowering the immune system and overriding the “healthy” cells. The initial and immediate approach is to destroy these cells through medical intervention and again in the case of cancer, this is chemotherapy, radiation and surgery mostly. In other words, poison, burn or cut. The process also, in turn, destroys the good healthy cells as well and we are left with severe side effects and a chronically low immune system.

The Approach
This approach of mainstream treatment is necessary, at most times we do need the drastic intervention to fight the aggressiveness of the disease, but in all of this panic, we often forget the important part of it. Why did it happen in the first place? Due to a chronically low immune system. An immune system is our first/second line of defence. It’s what protects us and keeps us healthy. It fights internal and external pathogens so we can be healthy, however when something suppresses immunity for a long period of time then one bad cell can become a billion. Which leads us to the next question, what kept our immunity low for such a long period of time? This can very much arise from lifestyle related factors, such as high-fat levels, lack of sleep, chronic stress, unhealthy diet, toxic environment and so on. Hence when we deal with the disease in just the physical manner, what then happens to the root cause of the disease coming up in the first place.

Therefore, in holistic healing we leave no stone unturned, we treat all areas of health and clear the root cause, so there is complete healing of the body and mind. In other words, there is no other way of healing that is going to give you the results you desire and that are a healthy body and a healthy mind- one which is balanced, functional and free of minor or major illnesses. A strong immune system is an answer and to achieve that is only through holistic healing.

This article has been authored by Ms Samara Mahindra, Founder and CEO, CARER Program

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