​Enriching Educational Institutions, Empowering Students and Teachers Alike with the New Age Digital Learning

Reetika Bose
Reetika Bose Sep 29 2017 - 6 min read
​Enriching Educational Institutions, Empowering Students and Teachers Alike with the New Age Digital Learning
In an interview with educationbiz, Franchise India, Hardik Shah, Director of E-Class Education System Ltd, talks about his numerous ideas and innovations in the areas of content, and E Learning Solutions for Maharashtra’s Schools.

Give us a brief about your company, how it all started, what was your vision for this unique set up.

E-Class Education system Ltd is a subsidiary of BSE & NSE listed company Sundaram Multi Pap Ltd. which is the market leader in the field of paper stationery products since 32 years.

We are connected to various schools and colleges directly and indirectly. So, in the process of reaching out to them, we realize that Education is still a problem for many students and parents and they are not receiving the accurate method to study. That is when the inception of E-Class happened where we thought it would not only make learning an easy process but also help them in retaining more in the process.

How different is this business concept from other educational entities?

Talking about the uniqueness of this concept, we have made the Educational audio/video content for the Maharashtra board. Maharashtra has over 2 crore students in almost 1.2 lakh schools. All these students use the books provided by the state board. So we have taken that as the base, and converted the same into digital audio-video content and developed various delivery platforms for the same.

We gave birth to the concept of offline education by providing the entire content offline with our unique multimedia players, pen drives, memory cards etc. We cater to schools, teachers and students with different delivery platforms and in a way enhancing the experience of teaching through 2D and 3D content.

Compiling Technology and Education, in a way, what is your objective in making a mark in Digital India Campaign?

Online Education is expected to grow 8 times say, almost 1.96 billion by 2021. Primary and Secondary Education has the largest addressable audience. The reach is huge. We aim to achieve digital educational course for all the education segments.

Today, there are a number of videos available on Youtube, but they are neither segmented nor accurate enough to the students requirement. 

So, our aim is to make focused content for every course material, and provide it in a hassle free way.

Digital India Campaign, started by the Government of India, is a very good initiative. The main aim is to convert all the schools into digital schools. With our content we can empower basic schools, with simple delivery platforms and help accelerate the campaign. 

Give us an insight about the tie ups of E-Class with other Educational bodies.

We have converted the entire syllabus of the Maharashtra Board. We generate content for class 1st to 10th students in English, Marathi, Hindi and Urdu medium.

Our next step is to generate content for Competitive examinations and general content that can be used by all the students across the globe.

What are the various Innovations of E-Class in the areas of content?

Talking about Innovation, the content is developed keeping in mind the teaching pattern of the teachers and is as per the state board syllabus. It has rich visuals and animations to explain each chapter in detail.

The delivery pattern of the content, the voice over, the compilation makes sure that they fit into the teaching format. We have innovative ways for offline and online delivery of the same.

Elaborate the CSR activities of E-Class Digital Education.

We help other companies use their CSR budgets for education. Under the CSR activities, we convert the schools into digital schools. We have training tutorials, feedback from schools, regular service feed backs and we help them upgrade their systems.

Earlier, E-Class started with 15 schools for LnT and now have reached to an estimate of 50 schools where we provide content for the syllabus for LnT. Similarly, we have covered over 300 schools with the help of various companies.

Give us an insight about the Bag less Campaign and what are its target areas?

Today, everybody has an access to Android phones and tablets, which actually come in affordable prices.

So, with the prepared syllabus, we accordingly provide memory cards for each standard. So, the bag less campaign is to focus on the fact that now all your textbooks, all your study material will be compiled in one gadget and you can have an easy access to that.

E-Class Digital Education has come up with an application named EDZAM, tell us more about this concept.

With the growth in Internet, and the data plans getting cheaper, Internet is and will be further affordable in the next 5 years.

So EZDAM was launched on May 2017, with an aim to monitor the growth of students by keeping a track on their usage. It is basically a digital Education app, currently available on Android. One can easily subscribe and get hold of the available content. It contains  chapter  videos, videos of questions and answers, the revision pattern and other miscellaneous study materials.

What is your fore view of the future of Education in India?

In India, there are a few schools that have chosen to go out of the box and convert themselves into digital schools. They are unaware of simple, easy to use systems available today.

So there lies a situation where there is a dire need for people to be aware and be adaptive at the same time. The schools need to make efforts accordingly.

In India, Education in the digital space will definitely grow, but it will happen gradually.

For me, the most remarkable thing is that there is a lot of growth in students as compared to parents in terms of awareness. So, in a way, we have solved half of the problem.

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