Electric Vehicle Dealership: A Perfect Futuristic Option

Preeti Shishodiya
Preeti Shishodiya Nov 17 2020 - 5 min read
Electric Vehicle Dealership: A Perfect Futuristic Option
Prices of fuel have always been a concern for a common man. And when he understands this option of Electric vehicle that saves his money each day, he is definitely going to switch to an electric vehicle.

Invest in Electric Vehicle Dealership

Today, there is an increasing awareness about saving nature. People are more concerned about the environment and are taking small steps towards saving it. Hence, there is some noise about electric vehicles as a replacement for petrol or diesel-run vehicles. Investment in this field can be a great opportunity.

Read further to know the risks and opportunities involved in the dealership of Electric Vehicles.

Why choose an Electric Vehicle dealership?

Prices of fuel have always been a concern for a common man. And when he understands this option of Electric vehicle that saves his money each day, he is definitely going to switch to an electric vehicle.

On a larger perspective, EV is going to save a large sum of money for the nation on oil imports. Taking this into consideration, the government is also supporting the option of EV by giving subsidies and a reduction in regulations. Also, it is seen that in near future with increasing ecological awareness, the government plans a ban on 150cc fuel vehicles.

EV is a huge industry that is worth 70,000 crores. When the industry is so large, you cannot ignore the financial benefits that could be gained. The fact that the past numbers relating to revenue have been progressive shows a bright future.

Overall, it is a game-changer to invest in such a dealership. It is going to be the biggest change in 134 years of the auto industry.

Rissala Electric Motors: The Perfect Electric Vehicle Company

Rissala Electric Motors is a firm that has manufactured numerous electric vehicles. It is developed by experts who have come together from all around the world, who want to do their part in helping Mother Nature. They are experts in different aspects of the technological requirements.

Rissala’s aim is freedom of mobility. It aims at bringing in something that is strong, agile, and economical. And hence, EVOLET is their brand.

The main market of these vehicles is the young aware population who calculates the advantages of saving money through EV’s. Rissala gives them the option of good designs according to their need. They have a large number of designs and product segments.

Rissala Electric Motors is formed in collaboration with a team that has technological expertise from Germany, Europe, Italy, Taiwan, and Hungary. All these members strongly believe that electric vehicles are going to bring about a huge change in the next 2 years.

They have a variety of vehicles catering to different needs of different segments. One segment is a family vehicle that is safe and secure and does not need any license or insurance. The speed of these is also nominal. The other segment caters to those who look for speed for sports biking or long drives. The company provides a complete solution. It is the only company that has slow, medium, and high-speed electric vehicles as well as three-wheelers, cruiser bikes, and buses. The battery of a vehicle proves its efficiency. The company’s partners are experts in this area. These vehicles are 100 % green and are designed keeping in mind the Indian roads. This is definitely a value proposition for the partners.

They have given many high-profile and luxury features in their vehicles: Led lights, USB port, Disk brakes, Meter console, Mobile app connectivity, and easy charge. The Mobile App has exclusive features like Geo-fencing, SOS messaging, Find my EV, Servicing appointments.

Electric Vehicle Dealership with Rissala Electric Motors

Rissala is manufacturing about 6 lakh units every year. It has the largest manufacturing unit in India. One can estimate the mindset with which this unit is set up.

The company has complete faith in its stakeholders. It has brought about the changes recommended by its stakeholders whether big or small.

They help partners in various areas to sell their products. They help in national marketing, homologation, product development, IT infrastructure, and Brand positioning. They have had numerous launching events where they have positioned their brand.

Not only this, they have also given their consumers an option of insurance partners as well as financial partners. It has been noticed in the past that the stakeholders have been so concerned about the consumers that they have themselves given financial support by giving credit to their consumers.

The dealership with the company requires a working capital of Rs 25.5 lakhs with no security deposit. They offer various schemes to their partners and also provide a marketing kit. They give dealership exclusivity in a single district. But if the district is large there may be 2 dealers.

Finally, those who really care about nature, those who look in the interests of the consumer, and those looking for a good margin along with these, should definitely consider an Electric Vehicle dealership with Rissala Electric Motors.


Edited By: Vaishnavi Gupta

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