Edutainment Franchises are Reshaping the Indian Education Industry

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya Jul 01 2019 - 3 min read
Edutainment Franchises are Reshaping the Indian Education Industry
In the recent years, edutainment-related businesses have found their place in the mainstream education industry and are increasingly gaining acceptance among the millennial. Read on...

Edutainment – education plus entertainment – the concept is rapidly spreading all across India. Despite having a huge difference in the aims of both the activities, both education and entertainment when combined together give birth to a way interesting enough to attract students towards learning.

Amalgamating recreational activities like gamification with the educational practices is what makes education more interesting.

Why Edutainment is in Demand

In the recent years, edutainment-related businesses have found their place in the mainstream education industry and are increasingly gaining acceptance among the millennial. There are several factors that give rise to the edutainment industry in India. Here are some of them.

Transforms Monotonous Learning into Fun Activity: The Indian education is way too boring a system thatfocuses merely on intensive learning: writing assignments, doing homework and preparing for written examinations. With edutainment companies coming into the picture, students are actually enjoying their studies and thereby results are improving.

Edutainment brings life to the monotonous education system and helps the education institutions in attracting children and enhancing the quality of education.

Innovations Introduces Children with Real-life World: While traditional teaching practices focus on cultivating theoretical knowledge in children, edutainment helps the students to be in tune withthe real-life world. With various innovative gadgets available in the market that make learning digitally appealing and interactive, it becomes easier for students to gain insights about the real world and how they could interact with the world issues through their knowledge and experience.

For example, in edutainment theme parks like KidZania, they recreate situations that could happen in real life world and encourage children to fight against those situations on their own. In this way, innovations in edutainment introduce children with real world and induce critical thinking. Therefore, edutainment is demanded not only by parents and children but by schools as well.

Enhanced Social Skills among Children: In edutainment centres and theme parks, children learn to fight with the real world together. The life skills they learn together make them more in tune with societyand take cognisance of the world around them. Edutainment centres enhance  social skills and reduce  anxieties and insecurities that students usually face while they are studying  in traditional schools. Edutainment fills them up with self-confidence and helps them to explore the world without being low on confidence.

This is one of the biggest factors that there is an increasing demand of edutainment among parents and children. Edutainment-based learning helps them to grow up and develop many extracurricular skills. 

Cheaper Investment in Edutainment Franchises

With so many parents and students showing an interest in the edutainment companies, it has become an important aspect of the education system. Therefore, so many investors and businessmen are giving this burgeoning industry a shot. Many choose to start their own independent ventures, while the others are taking the franchising route to start their own businesses in the booming industry. However, the edutainment franchises are easy to start as many of them require small investment amount.

Nutty Scientists, a well-established edutainment brand, has taken the franchising route and offer franchises for aspirants from around the world.The investment range to start a Nutty Scientist franchise is Rs 24.5 lakhs to Rs 30 lakhs, which is an affordable range for starting an educational business.

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