Educators! Shift Your Focus Towards These Untapped Education Segments

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Sep 26 2018 - 2 min read
Educators! Shift Your Focus Towards These Untapped Education Segments
The invasion of technology is revolutionizing the Indian education system, giving birth to new modes/segments of education.

The K-12 education system is one such educational concept that is gaining popularity in countries like the United States of America, India, Canada, and other countries. Educators are bridging the gap between students and teachers, offering proper communications essential for student’s development.

With modern parents becoming more concern about their child’s development and learning, educators are coming up with personalized learning techniques, aiding to the child’s overall development.

Thus, if you are planning to start your own business, then the untapped segments behind the K-12 education business model might be the only answer.

Although, there are several untapped segments which might boost your education business, once focused.

Data analytics

Whether it’s an education or any other business, consumers are more likely to switch brands because of poor experiences. However, educators can avoid this scenario by carefully going through the data they collect at every point of the consumer’s journey.

The data can be collected through student’s mobile app usage, digital clicks, interaction pattern on social media and more. Educators can make good utilization of this, in order to improve their service and delivering the right kind of experiences to the students, thus retaining them.

After-school programs

In today’s time, parents understand the importance of school for their child’s growth during the K-12 period. However, it doesn’t end after the formal school duration for the day.  Therefore, keeping the parents' requirement under consideration, educators are coming up with after-school programs, further improving children’s overall development.

Dance, sports, cooking, martial arts, swimming, and more are some of the after-school activities which the educators can offer, enhancing student's learning apart from the four walls of the classroom.

Remedial programs

Educators can help struggling students to conquer their basic skills via remedial classes. In addition, it will help them in catching up with their peers, eliminating the gap in their educational learning.

Remedial programs are designed to identify the points, which are causing problems in a student's understanding of the subject.  The program usually targets reading and basic problem solving skills, inheriting them with appropriate knowledge or helping them identify easier/alternative methods to solve their study related problems.

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