Crafting a Positive Digital Footprint in Learning

Reetika Bose
Reetika Bose Mar 28 2018 - 3 min read
Crafting a Positive Digital Footprint in Learning
A number of new trends have emerged on the Indian education scene and a number of modern ideas are floating around, promising to transform the Indian education.

A never-ending sphere with a growing speed, The Education industry has been through the best and the worst of times. Not only this, the sector has been an eyewitness to the changing trends, creating a broader choice for students to decide their career as per their core interest and aptitude. 

Moving towards Technology, needless to say, it has become highly pervasive in our lives as well as in our classrooms. Using Google for a research project is no longer a luxury but the norm. While the debate on how to use the technology is still on, it is no longer avoidable.

A number of new trends have emerged on the Indian education scene and a number of modern ideas are floating around. Let’s have a look at some of those ideas that are planning to reverse the learning space, for the better.

Education and Interaction

Learning must be made interesting and fun, less intimidating for a range of learning styles. A crucial element in learning is that children should not be told that their way of thinking is wrong, instead encourage them to build on further insights in a positive way. 

This technique is in the line of the Socratic way of questioning and must be implemented in education as much as possible to encourage critical thinking, especially while introducing a new concept. Sometimes a video on a concept from YouTube can provide the right start to learning for the day. Each concept and learning style gives a plethora of opportunities to experiment and helps make every subject a fun and interesting concept.

Make the Parental Engagement Digital

In the digital age, parent engagement with the school and their children will become more digitised. Parents will be able to receive communication from their school and individual teachers on the progress made by students and know where to provide assistance.

Digital Citizenship

Sooner or later, Digital citizenship is going to become a crucial aspect of an educational curriculum as it provides a safe opportunity for students to question, discuss and consider the safe and appropriate use of technology.

Digital citizenship is about providing the students with the tools and knowledge to make the right decisions. Parents and schools have limited control over how students partake in social media; hence, educating students on why and how to create a positive digital footprint that they are proud of is essential to any educational curriculum.

Maker Space

On line of the modern approach to learning, maker spaces encourage students to consume and not just create, promoting learning through experimentation and creativity. Maker spaces are cross-disciplinary and truly combine all the skill sets and knowledge students learn in other classes.

Creativity at its Best

Creating this shift helps students see science in everything that we do, be it to think about mathematical proportions when making pancakes to using different measurements for ingredients, time for measuring beats in music or even working on projects in English, social studies, and science.

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