Combining Yoga and Acrobatics for a healthy lifestyle: Acroyoga

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 3 min read
Combining Yoga and Acrobatics for a healthy lifestyle: Acroyoga
New trends have always embraced the wellness industry and Acro Yoga is one such combination which is gaining wide attention.

With the wellness industry expanding in all directions, it will surely become the next trillion dollar industry. Companies in this industry have left no stone unturned in exploring the possibilities that have through the wellness market. Whether it is new trends, entrants or competition, the wellness industry always has something to look forward to. The latest trend being Acroyoga, a combination of acrobatics and yoga, is a gem in itself. Acro yoga seems perfect for people who want to benefit from both yoga and acrobatics.

The Best Fusion
Yoga has been a part of our culture since time immortal. It has a large part to play in keeping people healthy and fit. Yoga has contributed a lot to the well-being of mankind. The fusion of yoga and acrobatics is a good combination as a person can earn the benefits of both the mediums. Acro Yoga provides the benefits which are both physically and mentally important and needed. Yoga has evolved a lot and consumers also need changes as it helps in maintain the interest in the market.

Yoga is gaining popularity among people across the globe due to its benefits. However, the risk factors are that many claim themselves to be yoga gurus without much training and misguides, which leads to serious health consequences. There should be an association or an apex body which keeps a watch on the quality and ensure strict regulations are followed and practised to make yoga a more pleasurable experience and not leading to setbacks. Yoga again is not just about losing weight or toning up, it is a bi-product of its internal journey, says Ms Chandrakala Purohit, COO, JMD Medico.

The Concept
The concept of Acroyoga deals with working out with the concept of both yoga and acrobatics. It involves two or three people to make it work and requires a huge amount of trust in order to execute perfectly. It has various kinds to it like therapeutic flying, partner yoga, acrobatic flying, static poses which give the concept a depth to explore. Acro yoga has three primary roles which are base, flyer and spotter and all three are important for the session.

The Industry
The AYUSH sector has a huge turnover of INR 120 Billion and the wellness industry in India is worth INR 490 Billion. Yoga, in all of this, comprises of a large share due to its availability, popularity, reach and cultural links. Acrobatics is a physical activity which involves gymnastic movements and techniques to help the body develop essential requirements like strength, immunity etc. It has a big market of itself and has a huge base of clients who swear by the techniques of acrobatics for flexibility. Acro yoga has evolved from them.

Though the concept is new in the market and will take some time to gather followers for it. The concept is interesting and many enthusiasts have already started to try out the poses and feel the difference. The scope for growth in the Acroyoga industry seems good and bright as people are learning about it and the availability for it is increasing at a suitable rate.

Though Acro yoga is a new market and exercise to explore, the demand for it is increasing at a good pace. Fitness enthusiasts are looking towards experiencing Acroyoga and even seem keen to learn about it. Yoga industry is a very large and successful industry and fishing out new trends from it like Acro yoga is helping it to move forward. Being a fusion of yoga and acrobatics, Acroyoga is an exercise which is going to earn a huge following in no time.

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