Churned Creamery is Bringing New Ice-Cream Concept To Satiate Indian's Sweet Tooth

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Jul 02 2019 - 4 min read
Churned Creamery is Bringing New Ice-Cream Concept To Satiate Indian's Sweet Tooth
In talks with Franchise India, Amy Hsiao, CEO/President, Churned Creamery, shares there Indian expansion plans and strategy, emerging trend and much more…

Churned Creamery is an American classic icecream store started in California, United States. The concept of churn actually came from the old-fashioned way of churning into a barrel, but with a modern twist. Their advanced churning process and equipment allow them to create premium ice cream in a fraction of time compared to traditional churning methods.

In talks with Franchise India, Amy Hsiao, CEO/President, Churned Creamery, shares there Indian expansion plans and strategy, partnership with FranGlobal emerging trend and much more…

The Origin

The idea of churned creamery originated when the brand owners visited Italy, the home of all the gelato ice creams. They found the machine there four years ago and attained the exclusivity.

That’s when churned creamery was started in the United States, using advanced technology that is easy to operate and makes great authentic ice creams.

The Brand Journey

Churned Creamery was started in 2016, and received overwhelming success in the first year. The brand has expanded its footprint to 25 stores and now it is eyeing the Indian market for expansion.

Amy said, “One of the advantages of this machine is that you can cater to a lot of people in a very short time, as the machine is automated. So, we feel that our product has great potential in the Indian and Chinese market.”

Why India

Indians love ice cream and are quite passionate about it. In addition, the weather is great all year round, which makes it a suitable market for an ice cream brand.

“India has a higher population density with lower labour costs, which makes it one of the profitable markets in the world. Also, the Indian market is growing and constantly catching up with the western trends. So, we think that our brand owing to its unique offerings can be successful in the Indian market,” stated, Amy.

USP is the Key

The Churned Creamery is bringing a completely new ice cream concept in India and it differs a lot from the traditional ice cream.

Amy added, “Gelato is made using fresh ingredients, such as fresh fruits and is prepared freshly in the barrel. So, it’s not like your regular ice cream where you freeze the ice cream and all. This is the traditional way of preparing ice cream, but with a modern twist.”

“Our machine allows us to customise our products according to a customer’s desires or needs. The ice creams can be prepared without dairy, i.e. vegan, less or without sugar etc,” she added.

Veganism Churning the Profits

Vegan is the most popular emerging trend in today’s time. People are increasingly becoming vegan and demanding vegan options on the food menu.

Veganism has provided the necessary boost to the profits of Churned Creamery.

“No other company can prepare a small batch of vegan ice cream. But our machine can prepare a freshly made vegan ice cream in just 30 minutes and the customers don’t have to compromise on taste also. We also have different options for vegans such as soy milk base, almond milk base, vegan gelato base etc,” Amy asserted.

Only the Best for Partnership

Churned Creamery believes in teaming up with the best. So, they have tied up with Fran Global for their Indian Expansion.

“Fran Global is very successful here and they have been helping us in our Indian expansion. They study the market well and bring in different types of products. I think, even in a desert, they can bring in various products and brands and help them succeed,” commented Amy.

Investment Requirement

Churned Creamery along with the help of Fran Global is working on the franchise plan for the Indian market. However, the brand will be lowering its franchise costs from that of the United States.

Amy added, “The machine and the ingredients cost lower so will be making adjustments in your franchise cost for the Indian market to offer a very premium and authentic gelato here.”

In the US, Churned Creamery has been running about 20-25% profit margin. In India, since there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives involved and with lower labour costs, the brand is expecting a profit margin of 25-50%.

The brand is actively seeking master franchisees in India and is hoping to open 100 franchises by the next year.

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