Business Ideas to Improve Women in India

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Jan 24 2018 - 4 min read
Business Ideas to Improve Women in India
The government of India has initiated a lot of schemes and has declared a lump sum amount to be invested to make people learn the importance of education in a girl child's life.


Since India’s Independence, we have come a long way and the change is visible in the field of technology, lifestyle, development, and adopting the change in almost every sphere of life.

But there is still a long road lie ahead of the country to jump from the list of developing countries to be placed on the list of developed countries.

The government of India has initiated a lot of schemes and has declared a lump sum amount to be invested to make people learn the importance of education in a girl child's life.

Here are a few business ideas for women education in India:

Educate Beyond Books:

The young brain is capable of grasping things easily and for a longer period of time, thus educating girls when they are young is very important.

Opening an institute or a programme to educate the young girls of India will be a great step towards a successful business. Educating young girls does not limit to bookish knowledge but extra-curricular activities, such as dance academy, gymnastics, sports academy and self-defense training center.

Many parents look forward to such institutes, where they can send their daughters for the quality building.

Community Led Educational Programmes:

Many communities do not shy away from investing money in making the daughters and wives understand the basics of life.

These community-led educational programmes to include sewing class, cooking classes, DIY classes and also accounting, to make them future ready to start a business of their own.

Such programmes empower women and some women end up working with one of those organizations in empowering other women. It helps them in teaching essentials of life but with a pinch of fun activity, which sums up as an easy way to make money.

Creative learning and teaching techniques:

In a village or small town, where technology is still making its way through to get added in their daily life, there are small organizations which work with the government in making the women know about the importance of bank accounts, savings, loans, opening a business and ways to earn living independently.

Bunch of volunteers from cities and NGOs willingly visit these villages to teach the women (20-50) to make money out of many ways such as making candles, incense sticks, stitching, bamboo baskets, brooms and many more.

Small-scale business opportunities can be created, which will help these women in empowering, building self-confidence and will help them in learning and be contributing to their family.

Counseling and Comforting:

There are a lot of women, who face a mid-life crisis, become a widow at an early age, get divorced, thrown out of in-law’s house or lose their children.

These women are everywhere in cities, small towns and in far of villages, they not only face physical pain but they undergo severe psychological problems, where these tiny groups of entrepreneurs help them in healing their emotionally damaged self.

These groups help them in getting proper counseling, in giving them directions in life and in comforting their pain.

These groups also make them aware of their rights and virtues, help them in getting justice or adopting babies, job opportunities for widows and divorcees and provide old age homes.

These groups help them in finding ways when they are psychologically lost, mend their broken confidence and help them in overcoming their phobias and fear.

These groups also provide lawyers, if one is stuck in some cases such as domestic violence or dowry cases or acid attack victims or violence on domestic help.

 There is so much more in depth than what we see on the surface. These are some of the opportunities for the entrepreneurs or business persons looking for ways to educate women in India. It is a noble job to educate women and you can earn out of it, what else can be better than this!

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