Business from the comfort of home

Abha Garyali
Abha Garyali Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Business from the comfort of home
With the advancement of technology, social networking websites are promoting home-based franchise in a new way. Now having a successful home-based franchise is just one click away. Read on to know more

Social networking sites these days are emerging as a boon to home-based businesses and this is especially true in case of franchising. Till a few years back it was quite difficult to inform people and educate them about a home-based franchise. The marketing and promotional activities were carried out only at a local level through banners or hoardings or through advertisements in local newspapers or pamphlets. But such mediums were quite expensive especially in the case of budding entrepreneurs. But with the increasing popularity of social networking websites, home-based franchising is emerging as a lucrative business opportunity. With the help of social networking websites a franchisee or a franchisor can have an access to a larger section of people. Moreover it is economical and has mass appeal. Also establishing contacts through social websites is a much faster and effective way of popularising one’s business. However, there are people who believe that social sites are not meant for serious things like business but now it has been proved that they are the best source of establishing business networks. Before we go into the details of the role of social websites, here is a round up of a few social networking websites.

Network of social websites

There are a large number of social websites that can be used for building business relationships. The first and foremost is LinkedIn, that exclusively connects business professionals across the world. So while sitting at home if you want to build a team of professionals for your home-based franchise you can use this site. Setting up your home page with details of your home-based franchise will make other interested entrepreneurs aware of the opportunity that lies with your franchise business. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Technorati, HubSpot, Focus, Entrepreneur Connect etc are only a few to name. Therefore an aspirant can start with uploading his company’s profile in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as these are presently the most beneficial social websites in India for entrepreneurs.

Advantages of social websites

Social networking websites for home-based franchise owners can increase profit margins. Let us find out the advantages of such networking sites:

  • Generating franchisees: Google is unarguably one of the best search engines. If you have an account of your home-based franchise in any of the social websites, it will automatically be listed in Google. So an aspirant will get noticed within no time.
  •  Attracting consumers: Social websites not only make the brand popular but also assist in attracting consumers. In today’s society almost every body is computer savvy.  So advertisement through such sites increases the visibility of the home-based franchise owner and customers are easily made aware of the existence of such franchise which could otherwise go unnoticed.  
  • Consumer feedback:  Updating and maintaining your profile on a regular basis helps you to get an instant feedback from the customers. A customer can give their true opinion about the services and the products.
  • Developing communities: Social websites allow you to join the other business communities which are beneficial to your business. You can visit work-related profiles and make necessary changes in your profiles. Moreover you can come to know who all have visited your profile and connect with them and provide them with more information of your business.
  • Latest machinery and skilled employees: Establishing a home-based franchise requires latest machinery as well as skilled employees. Having a web page provides you with the information of both the machinery and the employees.
  • Blogs-a great help: With the latest development of blogs, one can provide information of one’s franchise through such blogs. The link of your blog can be provided to all the sites generating a mass appeal of your home-based franchise. 

Besides this, the social websites allow you to monitor your site and receive reports about who is visiting your web page. This way you can gauge whether your advertisement is making the necessary impact or you need to inculcate some new strategies.

To conclude, with social networking sites a home-based franchise is not restricted to limited options but is likely to appeal to the masses and earn profits within a short span of time.

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