Bringing in a New Player- 7 Ways to Build your Own Brand in the Wellness Industry

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Bringing in a New Player- 7 Ways to Build your Own Brand in the Wellness Industry
Many new names are emerging in the wellness industry and it has become really crucial for a brand to make their name in order to succeed in their business.

Building up a brand is a task in itself. There are so many things that require your decision and attention. Building your own brand is not an easy job but it is not impossible. Many brands which were small companies some years back have made themselves a great name and consumer base by following some basic points which do help in establishing a business for the long run.

  • Know your Target Audience and Competitors

Knowing the target audience is like a ritual which needs to be followed in order to establish a solid ground to whom the brand is serving and what the consumers really require from them. Doing research on the competitors is also important as it helps the brands to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors and chalk out a plan accordingly.

  • Choose your Speciality

Every popular brand name ever is known for what they specialise in. In the beauty industry, it all rounds off to services, products, ambience, concepts etc. Choosing your work area and specialising in it leads to building a strong brand name which gets easily blended with the industry and consumers.

  • Design The Essentials

Designing the essentials like slogans, logo, brand name and website are also some of the things that count in building up your own brand. They might seem like something that may not require much hard work but this is where the creativity and efforts are needed the most. Coming up with a creative brand name that strikes a chord with the consumers, slogans and catchy logo to increase the brand recall and a website to assist the consumers are crucial for every building business that wants to succeed.

  • Collaborate with Strong Brands

There are many brands in the wellness industry that have already established themselves and are now looking up at various big deals and targets to achieve. Collaborating with them will lead the business to not only have a strong support but also will help the brand to learn and grow at a good pace. This also helps in bringing the brand into the limelight as the already popular brand is making news and being associated with them will also give the building brand a rock to hold on to.

  • Produce Value with Content

The trend of online content has added value to many businesses. Brands in today’s time, who have made it big, swear it by the online content as to it really helps in bringing in consumers and forming a name that the consumers get to see and come across almost every day.

  • Manage your Marketing Network

Marketing is surely a powerful tool to take your brand to greater heights. It becomes more helpful when you are in the initial stages of building your brand. Brands do have their own marketing team so that they can focus only on this aspect and area as a brands marketing network can do wonders when used well and wisely.

  • Feedback- Reading the Mind of Consumers

Feedbacks are not just reading what the consumers think or expect from a brand but they are also the ladder on which a brand can climb to reputation and popularity. A brand should always give preference to feedbacks as they are very valuable in building or breaking a brand.

Expert Speak
When you build your own brand, comparing it with the existing international ones is not easy. In the long run, I’ve seen a lot of home brands failing coz of the international exposure. The training procedure is religiously followed abroad. They are particular about their procedures which help them a lot, in the long run, say, Mr Sam Paul, Director and Legal Head, Paulsons Beauty & Fashion Pvt. Ltd. & Pauls System Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Building your own brand in the wellness industry requires a lot of determination and hard work. Bringing together so many important steps and points consume a lot of time but once everything falls into place, it surely does yield positive results and profits. Every popular brand had followed some points which have taken their name to the place where they are currently. It might be tough but not impossible to make a name of your own in the expanding wellness industry. With patience and being wise, success definitely knocks on the door after taking its own sweet time.  

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