Brainwonders: Identifying Careers With Biometrics

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Aug 27 2019 - 6 min read
Brainwonders: Identifying Careers With Biometrics
In an exclusive conversation with Franchise India, Manish Naidu, Owner/MD, Brainwonders, talks about his Brand’s USP and how biometrics can help in identifying careers.

After being blessed with a baby girl in 2008, Manish Naidu’s happiness brought with it a lot of questions. The initial 3 years presented themselves with several unknowns- “What is her preferred learning style? Her strengths? Which is the right playgroup and school for her? What makes a child happy?” etc. 

That is when Naidu started his quest for the secret to a happy child that will complement and empower them.

His search for answers came to a halt when he was introduced to dermatoglyphics and brain mapping. He met Prof. Lin Ruei Bin and Henry Lee Yan Fong at Well Gene Science Lab in Malaysia.

Prof. Lin Ruei Bin had actively pioneered research in dermatoglyphics and had secured the US patent in 2009. Amazed by the scientific insights provided, Naidu decided that it is time that Indians also reap the benefits of the wonderful scientific report and secured the Master Franchise Rights in 2011, and that’s how Brainwonders was incepted.

The Mumbai based, career counselling company was started with the vision of transforming the roots of Indian Education sector. In an exclusive conversation with Franchise India, Manish Naidu, Owner/MD, Brainwonders, talks about his Brand’s USP and how biometrics can help in identifying careers.

Addressing Various Hurdles

India is a diverse country and each child has her/his uniqueness. The whole mission of Brainwonders is to provide assessment and counselling services to everyone in India- irrespective of their education level or understanding any language.

Naidu, said, “Right from the birth all the way into adulthood, we all face several challenges. Brainwonders addresses those hurdles and challenges, such as:

2-4 years: Selecting the right preschool

5-7 years: ICSE/CBSE/SSC/IB? Selecting the right board

8-10 years: The right activity class to join

11-13 years: Right subject selection

14-15 years: Getting the best exam results

16-17 years: Engineering/ Medical/ BA/ BSc/ BCom/ Law and college application

18-19 years: Right course in the right college

20-22 years: Right career choice

25 years+: Career and life introspection”

Renowned For Its Unique Way of Identifying Careers

The Brainwonders is an organisation that has built its reputation on the basis of counselling on individual genetic traits, which itself is unique. The brand offers Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test (DMIT), which helps in understanding an individual's potential by studying fingerprint patterns.

The DMIT test is an extremely unbiased and fair way of testing. The usual psychometric tests offered by us: IQ, Aptitude, Interest, Multiple Intelligence and Personality are based on human responses and the analysis also is supervised by the concerned person. Whereas, DMIT directly taps into the biometric identity. The analysis is also done at the lab. Thus, the results will always be unprejudiced and unique to the test-taker.

The US patented DMIT is provided by Brainwonders only which sets it apart from other organisations or individuals in the field of counselling. It is after all the only organization who has amassed huge favour from individuals and institutions alike in a short while and has a long-standing collaboration with Cambridge International Examination, Early Childhood Association and the Association of Heads of Anglo-Indian Schools and even with Human Resource professional of several firms.

The Brainwonders’ counselling team consists of 183 Clinical, Counseling and Career Psychologists dedicated to providing quality guidance with their passion and expertise to all of the clients.

Apart from DMIT, Brainwonders is also renowned for its Psychometric assessment in an online model– all under one umbrella.

The test will be available to all age groups on an individual dashboard:

  • Personality Test
  • Multiple Intelligence Test
  • Aptitude Test
  • Intelligence Quotient Test
  • Interest Test
  • School Connect Programmes
  • Corporate Assessment and Trainings
  • Child-Parent Workshops

Also, these tests are accessible by personal dashboard; so, the person can see and understand all their facets comprehensively and then map their progress with age. As the format is online, the process is thus very convenient and time-saving.

The Working of DMIT Mechanism

The fingerprints are what constitute of genetic as well as the forensic identification of any person as it is unique for everyone. These fingerprints are connected to the two hemispheres of the brain in a way that the fingerprints on the left hand are used to map the functions and traits of the five right brain lobes and vice versa. This analysis draws towards the report of that individual. Thus, all of this is understood, processed and counselled in a highly scientific way.

The team of Brainwonders effectively executes the implementation of DMIT in India in several steps:

  • Collection of biometric scans using the scanning equipment
  • Collating the collected biometric data collected across all centres
  • Analysis of the fingerprint scans and report generation by the Malaysian Lab
  • Preparing the DMIT report
  • Scheduling the DMIT counselling with the concerned individual(s) at the centre
  • Explaining the DMIT report
  • Counselling and recommendations by the psychologist based on the individual’s report
  • Making a development plan after the counselling
  • Tracking and following up the development
  • Providing additional assessment and workshop services surrounding the report
  • We also conduct several online tests via our online portal and also several public and corporate workshops via our team of counsellors.

Is the DMIT Method Credible?

Brainwonders’ DMIT adheres to several regulatory/ compliance standards:

  • US patented DMIT
  • Registered as SME with Ministry of Ministries (Govt of Maharashtra)
  • Internal Applications of Brainwonders works on Industry Standard of HTTPS protocol
  • To further ensure security, scans are encrypted with Dynamic Key while in the network

For their noted services, Brainwonders was awarded as ‘Best Contribution to Student Counselling’ at the Indian Education Awards and also for being the Best Career Counselling Centre and their contribution to Educational Counselling via Psychometric tests and DMIT in:

  • 4th Indian School Merit Awards (2016),
  • Maharashtra Education Summit (2017),
  • 5th National Education Summit (2017), and
  • North Indian Schools Conference (2018)

Over the past 5 years, Brainwonders growth has been exponential. Apart from the schools, they have expanded to 108+ franchises as well.

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