Are Coding Schools The Next Big Thing In The Education Industry?

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Jul 03 2019 - 4 min read
Are Coding Schools The Next Big Thing In The Education Industry?
Coding education has gained tremendous popularity over the past 4-5 years

There was a time when people used to think coders, all thanks to our movies, as nerds working in front of a black screen typing something cryptic.

However, the reality may be quite contrary. Gone are the days when the skill of coding was reserved for software engineers only and coders were stereotyped as computer nerds.

In today’s digital world, where we are surrounded by technology throughout, it is hard to imagine life without software usage. Coding is a fundamental part of this process. In our rapidly changing world, coding is the ‘new literacy’—a subject so important that every child needs to know the basics.

This trend is noticeable in the Indian education Industry as well. Many international and domestic brands are coming up with coding schools, pre-schools or boot camps.

Coding for Kids

Coding education has gained tremendous popularity over the past 4-5 years. Coding schools are hot nowadays; a simple Google search can attest this.

With the increasing demand, many coding franchises have emerged in the market. From after-school coding classes to teaching coding to pre-schoolers, the demand for coding education has given birth to new profitable business ideas.

GyulaCsitári, co-founder of Logiscool, along with his wife, were looking for a coding school for their daughter, but couldn’t find any. That’s when they came up with their own after-school coding franchise. Logiscool is the world’s first and largest franchise network offering regular computer coding after-school classes and summer camps for kids & teens.

Csitári shared, “We can’t avoid that the world is getting digital and robust in artificial intelligence. We also can’t avoid the fact that children are spending more and more time on computers. They should be creative on computers and that's what we teach them. This way they will become prepared for the digital future no matter what it’s going to be. There are so many new job opportunities that came in the last 10 years, which did not exist before. We assure that this kind of knowledge and skills which they get here will be useful for them whatever their professions are going to be.”

Coding for Pre-schoolers

Today’s kids are technologically smart and are spending more time around gadgets and computers. Thus, it has become necessary to make it a learning and creative experience. Hence, parents are increasingly looking for coding schools for their children. They want to instil the coding skills right from the kindergarten age.

Little Einsteins is one of the first preschools to introduce a coding curriculum for pre-schoolers in India, which is captivating the young minds into the field of technology.

KopalMaheshwari, founder and chairperson, Little Einsteins, said, “Coding for preschoolers is introduced essentially to generate a spark of interest in the young mind towards technology. Coding is considered as a major employability skill for the future and in a world where technology will be inevitable, it is important to make our younger generations prepare to embrace it. Coding gives preschoolers the basic critical logical skills and that is why we have introduced both offline and online activities for them to understand the basic logic behind algorithms and sequences. Our program helps foster critical and logical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity which are the key 21st-century skills. Children learn these complex terms through a playful fun way, just like Lego also introduced coding activities for kindergartens.”

Skill for the Future

The demand for digital literacy has become a necessary skill in the 21stcentury. In a world where technology touches every aspect of our lives, in the near future, no profession will be untouched by computers; therefore, coding is a core skill every child must possess.

“Coding is an essential part of technology and is a critical skill to be acquired for employability in future. There is an unprecedented amount of technology present everywhere around us, and the futuristic jobs are all about technology. We realized this need at Little Einsteins and have incorporated coding in our curriculum to prepare our children for the future," saidKopalMaheshwari.

An Emerging Franchise Trend

Gaurav Marya, Chairman of Franchise, also known as the father of franchising in India, states that “Coding schools are one of the most emerging franchise trends in 2019.

Coding schools are at a nascent stage in India, but they are registering a strong growth rate indicating great future potential.  You can easily be a part of this thriving business opportunity by taking up a franchise”

For instance, Logiscool is seeking franchise partners in India, for an investment of USD 50K-USD 60K. The area required ranges from 300-750 sq. ft.

For those who wish to enter this segment, it should now be clear that it is a vibrant field with a bright future in the times ahead.

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