A tectonic shift of ideas and practices

Uday Nath Mishra
Uday Nath Mishra Dec 22 2017 - 5 min read
A tectonic shift of ideas and practices
The need to accommodate changes and ramp up procedures; is the need of the hour.

The country has witnessed a technological boom in the past decade which has led to challenges thus resulting in a need to alter our education system. The demanding environment has called for a necessary step to prepare students to fulfill the evolving requirements. The current education system requires modifications and needs to provide a strong foundation for students at a primary stage.

A bulk of the education institutes within the country still practice the traditional chalk and board method of memorizing the curriculum with the sole aim of scoring high. This mindset needs to be changed where students will also be able to tap into their creativity, innovation and critical thinking.  

The traditional methods of teaching and learning

Traditional teaching methods have been a part of the Indian education system since the vedic era where students were sent to gurukuls to receive formal education. The only source of imparting education was through teachers and a few documented manuscripts. Even with years of evolution from the Vedic era, the Indian education system has not been able to adopt the advanced methods of teaching.

Challenges faced by current education system

Need for Two Way communication - The current education system promotes ‘one way’ communication where the teacher imparts knowledge and students receive it. There is no forum where both teachers and students can exchange ideas and feedback on a particular subject. A two way method of communication is required where students and teachers can work as a team and solve the pain areas of the students.

No practical learning/ training for students - The approach of the current education system is based primarily on theoretical knowledge where students are made to memorize the curriculum. For example, history lessons can be better explained and learnt through practical classes rather than solely scholastic knowledge. In addition, students can be toured through the heritage. This helps in better recall of the subject.

There is a rapid urgency to bring a change in the traditional teaching methods. And adopt the disruptive technologies.

Changes to be accommodated in the education system

Multimedia learning- One method that needs to be adopted is the use of multi-media to educate which is the combination of various digital media tools such as audio aids, visual aids and 3D figures.  This will help students understand complex concepts easily.

This effective mode of education also helps teachers to modify the questions and make learning concept and problem based where they challenge the students to solve open ended problems which encourages the students to apply their previously learned knowledge by solving real world complex problems. This not only adds a skill set to the students where they learn to tackle various levels of problems but also helps them think analytically. In today’s world, having theoretical knowledge of the subject is not enough. Concept based learning that will help solve multiple problems is needed.

Interactive learning- Participation of students while learning a subject not only makes the subject easier for students to understand but also help the teachers to clear their doubts. Interactive learning often helps in bridging the gap between the teachers and students which is important to remove the stigma of strictness attached to teacher- student relations.

Value based learning- Value plays an integral role in shaping up the personalities of young children. Focusing entirely on academic learning does not add towards growth of students and will not help them long run. In order to build a strong character among the students and make them more disciplined, honest value based learning is required.  It focuses on developing the physical, emotional and psychological touch points of a child’s personality which helps them become morally responsible citizens.

Hard work backed by smarter approach

To achieve one’s goal it is not only important to burn the midnight oil but also to make the right decisions. Moreover, with soaring competition, this is the need of hour. The competitive exams have become tougher over the period of time and students are required to answer more questions within a stipulated time. To prepare oneself for exams such as boards and IIT- JEE, students should have a mindful approach. A few pointers to be kept in mind while preparing for such examinations are -

Focus on the keywords:While preparing for the exams, students should highlight the keywords and keep them in mind. Keywords often help the students to gain better recall of the concept.

Avoid distractions: Students should ensure that they do not get easily distracted while preparing for such examinations. As the pattern of the competitive exams is changing every year students are required to spend time studying and have a clear knowledge of all the topics.

Analyzing the paper: Students often follow a practice where they rush towards solving a question without analyzing the question paper. It is important to judge the questions so that they can divide their time accordingly and can solve the easy questions first and then move towards the tougher ones.

One must remember at all times that there are no shortcuts to success. It is important for the students to work smart as well as hard to reach their goals.

The current education system needs to make the students future ready. Focus on traditional practices and emphasis on rote learning will no longer be helpful in enhancing the learning of the students. Innovative and creative teaching methods can bring about the of interest and motivation of both the learners and teachers. This is the best way to bring out the best of the students.

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