A man on a mission to revolutionize the car wash industry worldwide.

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Franchise India Bureau Nov 30 2021 - 8 min read
A man on a mission to revolutionize the car wash industry worldwide.
Exclusive interview with the founder of ‘GoWaterless’ Mr. Nitin Sharma. GoWaterless is a Professional Car Wash Brand with a revolutionary product to clean any vehicle without a single drop of water.

GoWaterless is a Professional Car Wash Brand with a revolutionary product to clean any vehicle without a single drop of water. It is 100% Natural & Eco-friendly. It also protects your vehicle from UV Rays, Swirl marks, Water Spots, Paint Oxidation & Rusting. More importantly, we at Go Waterless are on a mission to help India save 2 Trillion litres of water through our initiative. Trillions of litres of water is wasted every year in our country in car wash.

The journey of Go Waterless started in May 2016. This was the first time when i faced water crisis in my family owned automobile workshop. There was no water to clean the cars after repair. This year we somehow managed it. The same water crisis we faced in March 2017. This was an alarming situation for us, we needed to have an alternative to clean our customer's car. I took this seriously and immediately started looking for an alternate solution to clean the car. I came to know that there are dry wash products in the market but there were a lot of complaints & dissatisfaction on those products as they were chemical products &were damaging the paint of the car. Becoz of this these products miserably failed in the market & had no acceptance. This is what excited me & i started to work on this to resolve this issue. I along with the paint expert & chemical engineers started to bring a perfect solution to this. It took 2 years for us to research a unique & successful formula that rectified the issue of paint damage. We tested this in our workshop of 6 months & in August 2019 we were 100% satisfied with the results of this product. In Oct 2019 we officially registered this as a company & launched the franchise model to directly provide car wash service to the car owner at the comfort of their home with our doorstep service. We appointed our 1st Franchise in Nov 2019 in Nagpur. After 3 months of working in Nagpur the COVID-19 pandemic happened & lockdown was announced in March 2020. During the lockdown we made the best use of time & did aggressive online marketing. Our efforts paid off, we successfully appointed 18 franchisees from March to June 2020. It was a BIG boost to us, when the country was in extreme lockdown, no business were running, many business got shut down. In this difficult situation too we were able to rise & expand rapidly. Since then it was no looking back & today we are operating 84 franchisees in 22 States of India.     


What is the USP of GoWaterless?


USP is our unique plant based product as well as our professional service. Our central theme and mission is to protect the environment by avoiding water wastage through car wash. We want to help India save 2 Trillion litres of water. Our product completely eliminates the use of water for car cleaning. Moreover, our product is 100% chemical free and is organic. It protects the car’s surface from swirlmarks, scratches, paint oxidation, UV rays & rusting.

Talking about our service, we provide service at customer’s door step; thereby giving maximum convenience and flexibility to customer to avail the service as per their need. Our mobile app and website help customer to reach out to us quickly and book our services.

What benefits do customers have using GoWaterless services?


Customer can avail our service at any desired location wherever our franchise network is present. Since we provide door step service, it gives convenience and flexibility to customer to get their car cleaned without disturbing their work or comfort.

Car being a prized possession, customer expects that any service provided, should be done by a professional and trained personnel. We fill up this gap in a highly unorganized and largely unprofessional car wash industry.

In summary, benefits to customer includes:

  • Door step service.
  • Done by trained professionals.
  • Superior cleaning quality.
  • No potential damage to car surface.
  • Providing protection.
  • Much better cleanliness and hygiene.


What is unique about your product?


It is free from any harmful chemicals and is 100% organic. It has been developed through extensive research and validation trails over a period of 24 months. More than 1 lac cleaning services has been provided to our customers. Besides achieving amazing cleaning results, our product completely eliminates the use of water for car cleaning. Also it protects the cars surface from swirls, scratches, paint oxidation, UV rays, rust etc.

How GoWaterless is addressing a social & environmental cause?

Our central theme and mission is to protect environment by avoiding water wastage through car wash. We want to help India save 2 Trillion litres of water.As per NitiAayog, only 4% of fresh water is available for drinking purpose. It is estimated that by the year 2040, nearly 90% of population in our country will not be having access to fresh drinking water. Even as we speak now, around 2 lac people in our country every year are dying due to inadequate access to safe and hygienic water. These figures are alarming. While government is working on necessary measures to overcome this, as responsible citizens, it is also our duty to do our part to avoid water wastage and conserve the environment. Let’s talk about car wash now. India has more than 23 crore cars. One car wash typically consumes around 150-200 litres of water in a single wash in washing centre. If you apply the multiplying factor, in a year crosses 2 trillion litres of water that is wasted on car wash in India.ThoroughGoWaterless we are trying to sensitise people and do our bit for this social & environmental cause for our future generation.

What is your take on the competition in this industry?

India has more than 23 crore cars. Car wash industry is 90% catered by unorganised players. So the market potential is immense for professional car care service providers to co-exist and cater to a wide spectrum. Besides, we at GoWaterless have created our own ‘blue ocean’ strategy in terms of product, service and business model. Hence we do not have any direct competition.

When did you started franchising?


We started franchising in October 2019.

What were the new strategies that you adopted during the pandemic that helped you and your franchisees sustain the impact of the pandemic?


Besides car cleaning services, We also started car and home Sanitization service to protect people from COVID-19. Thereby enabling our franchise to achieve sustainable growth. This also helped us to expand our service portfolio.

How many franchisees do you have currently?


Currently we have 84 franchisees. ( As on Nov 2021 )

Please give details of your franchise model, and explain how you help your franchisees to grow with you.

We have a 5 in 1 business opportunity for our franchise partner. Out of 5, 2 verticals are already operational and other 3 will be rolled out soon. The 2 verticals are Car Cleaning and Car Detailing respectively. Both of these services are provided at customer’s doorstep, which is our USP. Technology plays an important role in our business. Customers can avail our services through our Android & IOS app. We want to provide convenient and easy ‘On Demand’ experience to customer in a very professional way.Our franchise model is frugal and asset light which does not require any office or workshop, thereby eliminating the need for major overheads. Also, the franchise enjoys the benefit of 100% revenue as there’s no revenue sharing or royalty involved. Company provides all the necessary front end and back end support to start and grow the business in any territory. This also includes various online and onsite training to the franchise as well to the ground staff. Because of the frugal business model, most of our franchise have achieved their payback and profitability in just 6 to 8 months. Company’s franchise development team provides real time support to resolve any bottlenecks being faced by our franchise. Complete handholding & support is been provided by us.

What is the average that a franchisee earns? Also, what is the requirement for franchise like investment, area, ROI, and payback period?


Franchisee Earnings : 1 Lac to 2Lacs per month.

Investment : Just 4.99Lacs + GST.

Area : No Infrastructure required for service as this is 100% doorstep service to customer. Only 50 sqft space is required to keep the material & service kit which is manageable in the residence itself. No need for commercial space.

ROI and Payback : Within 12 Months


How many franchisees are you looking to add in the current financial year and where will you add them?


We are looking to add 150 Franchisees across India by March 2022

How GoWaterlessis planning to grow in the next 5 years?


We have aggressive expansion plan in the Domestic as well as International market.

  1. In the next 5 years we have a goal to have 5000 franchise partners in India & International.
  2. Reach a customer base of 20 Million
  3. Provide Employment to 0.1 Million people
  4. Save around 1 Trillion Litres of water
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