8 Organic start ups that are becoming consumer favourites

Madhusree Chowdhury
Madhusree Chowdhury Dec 26 2017 - 4 min read
8 Organic start ups that are becoming consumer favourites
Today many startups are coming to the forefront with their unique business model and ideas. This article introduces you to some vivid startups which have taken the organic industry with storm.

As days pass by, people are becoming more health conscious by learning about the side effects of synthetic fertilizers and other artificial chemicals used to food production. More and more people are leaning towards organic food. This is why organic food businesses are witnessing the highest growth in the market. The brands are also forecasting a promising future in the upcoming few years.

Latest trend supported by market growth
The organic market in India witnessed a considerable growth when introduced during 2010-2011. The current survey done by TechSci suggests that the market will grow at an astronomical rate of 25% within the time span of 2016 to 2021. This immense growth is being supported by the leading organic brands and the eagerness of the population to adopt the bliss of organic farming.

Forget the health hazards when you have these organic brands to cater all your needs in a righteous way.

Organic Shop
This is a backyard story that went viral and became an instant hit. Manuj Terapanthi is the name behind this brand who took an initiative to ward off chemicals and produce crops with natural ingredients. His achievement is now harnessing immense changes in the Indian market. A variety of organic products is available online. This brand has acquired a huge customer base even in Europe also.

Naturally Yours
Back in 2010, this brand was established by Priya Prakash and Vinod Kumar. Naturally Yours has become a household name that provides an e-commerce portal through which you can purchase purely natural merchandise very easily. This company also provides processed food such as kheer, oil, ghee, etc along with the household essentials. This startup has infused with the farmers throughout India who produce the harvest as per the guided path and enjoys a good profit.

It is an organic food store that provides a huge variety of food items online to the customers. The natural products are 100% organic and do not contain any harmful chemicals. The wholesome foods are specially designed by nutrition experts to provide ample nutrients to the needy.

I Say Organic
I Say Organic is an ideal platform for the farmers set up by Ashmeet Kapoor. After studying entrepreneurship, he excelled in bridging the gap between the farmers and the consumers. He provided a perfect channel to connect all the dots. This brand also takes care of the best interest of the farmers. He understood that the support of the farmers is absolutely necessary to grow the prospect of this business. It has partnered with a lot of producer companies so that the organic items can be provided with a brand name and sold to the customers.

Organic Life
Organic Life is a highly popular name, established by Mallesh Tigali. It caters almost 1500 different organic products of 100 categories. The customers can find almost every household product via this platform. The proven methodology of this platform ensures that all the products available are as per the standards. He is also the founder of Farms 2 Fork Technologies and Purna Organics Pvt. Ltd. He has more than 10,000 customers who have adopted organic terrace farming.

Seema Dholi came with a business idea to deliver vegetables and fruits, harvested organically, to the doorstep of the customers. This brand pledges to provide everything dew fresh so that customers can enjoy the nutritious benefits of the raw harvests. It was found in the month of February 2011. The procurement of the provisions is very unique. The brand always indulges in acquiring the fresh harvest every day directly from the farmers so that the freshness of the crops is maintained till the delivery. There is no intermediate channel involved. This is why both the customers and the farmers are well-benefitted by the plan.

This is a very popular brand found by Rahul Kumar and Shailesh Mehta. Both the stalwart entrepreneurs are IIM and IIT alumni. The platform made by them offers over 10,000 products to the customers. Around 50 brands are present in the online platform sold by over 300 separate vendors. The venture also provides suggestions and advice to the customers regarding health and wellness-related issues.

Living Greens Organics
This particular brand is a unique one that specializes in the latest trend of rooftop organic cultivation. Prateek Tiwari is the man behind the success. This brand spreads awareness to grow organic vegetables on the rooftop by approaching families and communities.

These are the most significant names that are changing the organic industry and are quickly becoming consumer favorites.

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