7 Tips towards Building a Solid Brand

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Nov 10 2017 - 4 min read
7 Tips towards Building a Solid Brand
If a brand wants to succeed, they need to work a lot not only on building a name but a lot more.

The wellness industry is like a dense forest, growing and never stopping. With the varieties it provides, it gives the consumers the choices they look for when searching for a great experience. Competition has never been easy and brands have to fight it out in order to make it big. Often there is this question raised by a start-up is a brand that wants to shine in the wellness industry, “how to be the best among so many brands?” and trust me the process requires a lot more than just taking care of the brand name. Below are some steps that can help a new brand in guiding them on the path of success and how to build a brand that is strong.

  1. Figure Out your Target Audience and Competitors
    If you want to achieve success and want your customer base to expand, then you really need to know the target audience and the brands in competition. One cannot win against the many brands in the wellness industry just by knowing what they know. It takes a lot to be fully in tune with your target market and to also know all about the brands that you see as competition.
  1. Choose your Speciality
    Every brand has something special to offer to its customers. In the world of beauty, it can be the quality of the products used, the experience, ambience etc. When a brand knows the area it specialises in and leaves no stone unturned to promote it, the market gets to know the brand name associated with that speciality. Such steps take brands long way.
  1. Get Creative with the Essentials
    Well, it might feel and seem like a very small task to do but designing essentials like slogans, logo, advertisements, brand name and website is a crucial step in taking your brand ahead. New and emerging brands need to give time to these as the essentials help their brand in reaching out o the prospective customers.
  1. Connect with Strong Brands
    The brands that are already established and are well known can help the ones still emerging a big deal. The new brands need to connect with the emerging brands and collaborate with them. The big brands have already achieved a lot and they can help the new brands in making a mark of their own.
  1. Generate Valuable Content
    Many businesses have chosen the path of online content because it has got a lot of value. Online content has the power to attract new customers as they get to see content from the brand’s side and helps in developing connectivity between the consumers and the brand.
  1. Strong Marketing Network- A Need
    Smart marketing is something that is a need for new brand names in the market. While the big names already taste success, some of the credit goes to using resources in a way that has led their brand to the heights they are at now. Strong marketing is a useful tool and can break or make a brand.
  1. Taking Feedbacks
    Feedbacks let a brand read out the mind of the consumers. It helps not just in improving the services of a brand according to the target audiences needs but also connects the brand with the consumers which can help brands in tapping a lot of things.

Expert Speak
When you build your own brand, comparing it with the existing international ones is not easy. In the long run, I’ve seen a lot of home brands failing coz of the international exposure. The training procedure is religiously followed abroad. They are particular about their procedures which help them a lot, in the long run, says Mr Sam Paul, Director and Legal Head, Paulsons Beauty & Fashion Pvt. Ltd. & Pauls System Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Brand building is a complex task. A lot of things need to be decided on just to ensure the best for all. While everything not only stops at these points, a new brand can take many more steps they think seem fit for them to grow for their betterment. The wellness industry is not said to be the next trillion dollar industry for fun. It has all the required the elements to be the best and provide a  lot of new opportunities to the brands in the times to come.

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