6 Yoga trends to look forward to in 2018

Madhusree Chowdhury
Madhusree Chowdhury Dec 23 2017 - 4 min read
6 Yoga trends to look forward to in 2018
As new ideas and latest innovative trends are enhancing various sectors, how can Yoga be an exception? Listed are 6 trends that will redefine Yoga in 2018.

Yoga originated in India and the practice is being improvised by the health experts across the world. Every now and then, we come to know about new forms of Yoga being practiced. The current trends have literally changed the way we have always looked at Yoga. It has become more interactive and focused to solve the fitness problems and health issues of an individual. The fitness industry in India is also witnessing a surge in the growth rate due to the introduction of various Yoga practices in the studios. Here are some of the most fascinating trends that will clearly change the way we do yoga in 2018.

Mobile applications
There are rear segments and aspects left which do not have a mobile application. The advent of digital era is both blessing and curse. People are always hooked to their gadgets and have closed themselves from the world. On the other hand, the applications are also changing lives in a special way. For an instance, the Yoga applications can provide a perfect guidance to those who like to practice the postures anywhere anytime. These apps are enabling a user to find an apt guidance and posture details to perform Yoga as per their convenient time.

Floatation Yoga
This is a form of Yoga where the aficionados practice the poses while balancing on a floating surfboard. Practicing the moves on a solid platform might be easy, but on a fluid surface can be quite intimidating. Yoga lovers will find extreme body balance and physical awareness by mastering the postures shown by the expert. As per the source, this type of Yoga originated in Los Angeles and is crossing the boundaries to meet Yoga lovers throughout the world.

Musical Yoga
This is not what you think! It is not a dance regime or anything like that. The yoga postures are being practiced by the aficionados with preferred music running at the background. The candidates love the nice makeover of the environment. Previously, it was dull and silent but now, it has become more interactive. Almost all the senses are engaged in action. The practitioners can also focus more on the postures by using rhythm of the music. Playing live music at the background definitely adds a lot more energy. In fact, you will find that your endurance and stamina have increased.

Beer Yoga
It might sound quirky, but Beer Yoga is the latest fad amid the yoga trends. Benjamin Franklin once said ‘Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy’. Beer has many health benefits. Unlike the other alcoholic drink, beer is the most sought. Fusing the craze and health benefits of beer in Yoga, the new trend has surfaced and will become immensely popular in 2018. Beer Yoga is nothing but the practice of specific yoga actions while sipping your favorite beer. Beer has active ingredients that aid an individual to calm down after a hard day. Using this calming effect, yoga practice becomes extremely focused and quite relaxing. Although, many of the yoga gurus think that this is nothing but a waste of time. Studies have shown that including beer in the yoga practices considerably escalated number of candidates within few months. This is a very helpful way to keep the distressed mass relaxed and fit.

Yoga vacation
Everyone likes to take a retreat from the hectic life and enjoy the change for few days. Why not combine the goodness of a retreat or a vacation with that of Yoga? The new concept of Yoga Vacation is all about developing a unique location in a serene tourist spot where yoga aficionados can practice the postures for few days. Imagine you are enjoying yoga poses on a tranquil beach over white sand. You are feeling the calming breeze coming from the turquoise water of the sea. It will be a very relaxing venture to ward off stress and tension from your mind and body.

Acrobatic Yoga
This is a particular type of advanced yoga that involves a partner. Practicing specific yoga postures by fusing both the persons is a new trend in the market. These advanced moves demand huge flexibility and body balance.

These trends will rule the yoga world in the upcoming years. The enthusiasts will find these trends incorporated by popular brands too.

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