6 Steps to make your Website profitable for your salon and spa business

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Apr 17 2018 - 3 min read
6 Steps to make your Website profitable for your salon and spa business
A business’ website plays an important role in not just giving all the needed information but also is the window to the quality and many other things to expect from the brand.

In India, digitisation has played an important role in enhancing the operational areas of businesses. Similarly, wellness businesses have also gained a lot from this digitisation. The prompt use of websites and mobile applications are the new trend of boosting business growth. The wellness industry is an emerging one in which growth prospects are high and is further categorised into different segments.

Spa & salon businesses are the two opportunities in this industry that are highly profitable offline but online they are still lagging behind. There are various ways that can help these businesses gain customer access online. The mentioned below points will help you understand, what more you can do on your website in order to improve it.

Resolve backend issues
There is a general issue that all the new business websites face i.e. the backend issue because of which the portal is either slow or not functioning properly. It is essential for all spa and salon business to resolve this backend issue and provide easy access to the website. Besides accessibility, it is important that they focus on content plagiarism in order to boost the traffic on their website.

The design is one of the major factors in attracting customers. In wellness, it is essential for spa and salon business websites to be more expressive in terms of their services offered and the pictures that the site contains. Consumers can easily get attracted from the design of the website as it keeps them interested. It is essential that you attract users and convert them into customers.

Showcase your services
Always show the services in front so that users get to know what you are offering and how it benefits them. There are varied services that spa and salon business provides so make sure that a customer can easily access the information about these services.

Newsletter and record keeping
To attract customers on site, it is essential now that you are engaging. There are a lot of people that sign up on a website but only a few use the service you need to keep a record of the people that are not showing interest. Once you have a contact list then keep your engagement high with the help of newsletters. It is essential that you provide interesting content about spa and salon business in order to convert them into customers.

Enhance website features
There are varied features that a website could look for but the given below are the most important. The first feature that you need to have is customer review so that people get to know about the quality of your service. Secondly, you need to provide FAQs and appointment booking section so that customers don’t have to stay in queue to use your services. Thirdly, you need to provide all the store location information on the website so that customers can find the outlets easily.

Highlight offers and discounts
The most important thing that attracts the customer in the first place is the offers and discounts available for the services. So you need to highlight the offers at the beginning of the website so that customers stay interested in it. Most of the customers use the services only to avail offers so you can also sell gift cards from time to time in order to enhance your growth.

These are the major driving factors of customers on the website so if you have focused on these given points then there are high chances to increase the profitability of your salon and spa business.

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