6 Methods Brands Adopt During Eid

Kritika Sachdeva
Kritika Sachdeva Jun 15 2018 - 3 min read
6 Methods Brands Adopt During Eid
The strategies have changed and the impacts have changed. These are few marketing strategies now used by brands.  

Ramadan every year opens up a platform for marketing on a wider range. There are mostly two types of marketing message that are focused on food and charity.

Ramadan is a season of devotion and the marketing revolves around it. There are strategies that brands use during this time to grab the customers’ attention. It proves to be the best time for them to market.

These are few of the strategies used by them during this time.

Choosing the right platform

The brands play smart by using the right kind of platform for advertising. People spend most of their times using their smart-phones by using internet. The brands focus on the right platform to advertise, as the motive of it is to reach maximum people. People are influenced by social media so much that they check various pages, reviews, pictures and try them.

Shift of medium for advertising

Brands always focused on television ads but now as the crowd have shifted to using social media and mobile phones; they have started using this platform wisely also. They place their ads perfectly in the social media so that the consumers could grasp it easily. This strategy has changed the scenario of advertising during Ramadan. The advertisers invest most of their money during this season.

Targets on Food Items

The brands want the customers to think about food both during the fast and the feast time. They target the time when people could take the idea of that food and go for dining. The restaurants and cafes highly concentrate on advertising during this time to attract more and more customers by giving away discount offers. They offer the traditional food and drinks for people who mostly ignore dining out during this period.

Give away Gifts

As a part of marketing, brands offer small gifts like Eid stamps, pictures, and offers to gain the attention of people. There are many types of gifts they offer during Ramadan to stay connected to the audience and maintain a good relation with them.

Target Locally

People from different area demands different things. So, the best thing brands do is they focus on individual areas and demands and then offer them messages individually. This increases the trust and relation between brands. This strategy helps in understanding and focusing on areas and work on them.

Ad Messaging

As Ramadan is a religious tradition followed at many places in the world, the messages displayed through ads should be very sensitive too. The message should be clear and bold. This strategy is used by brands by showing the best of their culture and religion which also helps audience use their products and have a soft corner for them. It is important to not lose the essence of culture to attract customers. As people grasp message differently and they do not accept it, which will damage the brand’s name and identity. 

 The digital world has changed how we saw marketing; a year back marketing was much different from what it is now. The influences of certain things were different. The strategies have changed and the impacts have changed. These are few marketing strategies now used by brands.


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