6 marketing mistakes that you should avoid in beauty business

Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur Mar 15 2018 - 4 min read
6 marketing mistakes that you should avoid in beauty business
Alongside having a great logo and great products, your brand needs accurate marketing to garner footfall. Here are 6 marketing mistakes that you should surely avoid while promoting your brand.

In a recent survey that put to focus on the beauty regime, skincare habits and the attitude of women at any given age revealed that the beauty industry is still stuck in the old ages of beauty and are really off the mark by a vast majority when it comes to providing for their customer base. This is costing them big bucks as nearly 60% of the working women are more than happy to spend a penny when it comes to buying skin care product that would make them look and feel beautiful.

Things That Are Totally Ignored In the Current Beauty Market:
The beauty industry that created its marketing ideas based on the thoughts of women is very much out of sync with the problems that they face these days. They miss the real problems faced by a beauty activist and thus, fail to make headway with them.

Here are a few major mistakes the marketers of the beauty industry are in no hurry to rectify –

Celebrity Endorsements
Once, it was the best card on the deck, to make people buy beauty products but today... not of much use. Beauty brands may spend literal millions around the year on celebrity endorsements, fill the ad breaks with multiple celebrity endorsements and make them appear holding their product on the pages of a reputed magazine, but they still would not be making a sale. A recent survey revealed that only 2% of the targeted market is willing to buy a product basing their opinion on the endorsements made by celebrities.

The Online Reviews
Companies stuck in the old ages are still not using community reviews as a way of endorsing their product. With a recent survey revealing that about 86% of women put their trust on online reviews, a company may be better off hiring SEO companies like Pinstorm, Techshu, iStrat, etc. working their magic online.

The Myth of Wrinkle
Almost every other company like Olay, Ponds, etc. offers an anti-aging skincare regime to the masses that claim to iron out those problematic wrinkles as well as fine lines. But women of the new, as well as the older generation, could not care less about them. What they are truly worried about is their skin sagging which sadly is neglected by majority of beauty products.

The Best Ornament 
Attitude is what makes a woman highly attractive in the eyes of many. The use of Makeup at times makes a woman look very much older than they really are. While some beauty brands like Dove have made confidence-boosting as an integral part of their brand, others are still feeding the age-old preying on the insecurities. Most women realize how well they actually look in their own skin and all for minimizing the make-ups.

Colour In General
Most of the big names in the beauty industry normally feature beige for the older women and rich colour palate for the younger ones. They do not realize the youth of today like to have a colourful personality and the more mature generation would be more than happy to experiment with colour.

Skin Care
Women, today, love to invest more in skin care and not as much in makeup. Failing to recognise the shift in their attitude has ensured many companies to run in losses until they invested separately in skincare to lead a more profitable venture.

Everyone wants to look appealing and most opt for cosmetic that would help them achieve this dream. But if you are the opinion that the proprietors of the beauty industry know everything that they need to about the needs and wants of women then you are surely in for a shock.

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