6 international beauty trends ideal for Indian market

Madhusree Chowdhury
Madhusree Chowdhury Nov 14 2017 - 4 min read
6 international beauty trends ideal for Indian market
Indian beauty industry has surely seen a tremendous growth in the last decade. Today many international brands are venturing into Indian market bringing in new international trends favourable for Indian beauty market.

The beauty industry is a dynamic world that changes every day. New innovations and trends set in and get popular among the enthusiasts. The Indian beauty industry is hugely influenced by the international trends. This is why the emerging and existing brands inculcate these trends to catch the attention and fortify their customer base.

The biggest catch that never fades away in the Indian beauty market is to brighten the skin tone. Every single spa and salon brand is focusing on the skin lightening and anti-aging treatment service. There are many other emerging international trends that are slowly infiltrating in the Indian market.

Innovative face masks
Face masks have been one of the prime products of the leading and emerging beauty brands. Different innovative ideas are being added to this age-old beauty tricks. The new formulations are prepared to focus on the natural ingredients and avoiding the synthetic chemicals. The awareness of using natural products is catching up in the market very fast. Due to the increase in natural face masks, majority of the brands are shifting their focus to create a natural and more-compatible product line.

Anti-cellulite products
The urban population is overtly overweight and is fighting cellulite-related skin problems. Addressing this problem, new products are emerging in the international market such as beauty oils, body creams, suction cups etc. The prospect of anti-cellulite products is rising high and can be grabbed as a big opportunity for doing business. Learning about the cellulite-related terminology and providing the right service can be path-breaking for a beauty business.

Latest formulations with super-effective natural ingredients
Search for the best beauty products is never-ending. The market will always provide good products and the consumers will find a way to afford it. The current international trend is to infuse various super-effective natural ingredients in the normal products such as oils, creams, lotions, etc to make a huge difference. These products are capable of fighting multiple problems such as aging symptoms, eruptions etc singlehandedly.

Currently, the use of retinoid, hyaluronic acid and other natural ingredients in the formulations are picking the beauty products to a new level. The problem is that not all products are authentic and do not provide the effects as promised. The best way to infuse such products in the beauty business is to search the active ingredients that can surely make a difference. This is where the handmade products can be very useful. People are really interested to buy handmade and 100% organic beauty products. Providing such products will become a successful business idea.

Vegan ingredients
A vegan diet is an international trend that is catching up with the mass very fast. Admired from this idea, beauty products in the foreign countries are introducing natural ingredients such as olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, chocolate, lemon juice, etc.

The introduction of these ingredients in the cosmetic tubes and bottles are clearly attracting a lot of admirers. The sale of products is soaring sky high. This means the idea can be introduced in the Indian market. Quality of the beauty products will rise automatically and the brand will be surely admired by the mass.

Skincare at home
This international trend is on the way to India where an individual will get a customized beauty regimen at home. Daily life does not allow taking care of your skin properly. In fact, most of the people do not have proper food throughout the day. All the problems sum up and show the results on the skin. Addressing this problem, a new trend will emerge in the Indian market where brands will focus making new devices that will cater personalized beauty care at home.

Beauty eating
The term might sound funny, but it is said that you reflect what you eat. Eating healthy along with the application of proper beauty products can do miracles. Eating healthy along with using kitchen essentials with beauty products is a new trend. For an instance, using lemon for skincare along with salads is a unique way to define this trend. There are many ideas, popular on the international platform that can be introduced in the Indian market for good results.

These new trends can be implemented well to add something new and prosper in the beauty business.

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