6 Best low-cost Business Opportunities in Delhi

Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma Jan 04 2021 - 5 min read
6 Best low-cost Business Opportunities in Delhi
If you are living in the capital and looking for the Best low-cost business in Delhi, you should definitely read on to know about the best options available for you which can make you huge profits.

Being the capital, Delhi offers a thriving ecosystem for businesses to operate and it is the major commercial center in northern India with I.t sector, telecommunication sector, hotel sector, banking sector, media, and tourism sector are the main industries here. In Delhi, an entrepreneur receives great ease in establishing as well as managing the business. While the city delivers a firm ground to build a business, construction, power, health, and community services also play a vital role in the city’s economy. Still, It is essential to know the Best low-cost business in Delhi

As the hub of the largest and fastest-growing business industry, Delhi has extensive low-cost business for those who want to be their own bosses. Here we are going to list the Best low-cost business in Delhi that could potentially do very well.

1.  Restaurants:

Restaurants are the ideal choice, whether it’s Delhi or any other place it doesn’t matter. It’s a great business idea to go with by implementing some trendy restaurant theme with different recipes or cuisines. Here in Delhi, everyone has a different taste like any other place and everyone would like to enjoy food according to their choice so you will have a wide range of options to select like Pani Puri, sandwiches, samosa chaat, and etc. The only thing that you need to know is the right location with the tasty food and you are all set.

2. Forest at Home Business

It’s almost the same as your elders used to get engaged in but it was losing its luster a few years back. But now, it has picked up its pace again. As the pollution levels rasing aggressively and many problems are knocking on our doors by pollution, it’s mandatory to plant indoors at homes, offices, company lawns, hotels or resorts, restaurant areas, etc. to save the environment. There are a lot of benefits such as it helps purify the air, improve health, better sleep, and adds up to pretty decor. Nowadays, people are willing to spend on this, thus this is the Best low-cost business in Delhi.

3. B2B Online Store

It is the Best low-cost business in Delhi to go with. Being the biggest wholesale market in India, millions of business owners visit Delhi every month to purchase goods for their businesses. In a B2B Online Store, you can solve the issue of business owners across the nation by providing them products online at wholesale prices. No huge investment is required in this business, so this makes it an ideal choice for many

Things you need to start this business are, an eCommerce marketplace site on which you can collect wholesalers from all over India to sell their products online on your site. You can also deliver their products anywhere in India according to them. A website designer for the online marketplace and you also need to market this business strategically, but once you start this business, you can make big money from it. 

4. Mobile Repair Centers:

The smartphone market has faced a huge amount of growth in recent years, many of us may have faced problems with our devices after 1 year of usage. This happens with most of the devices, they either slow down or some hardware, battery issue, or maybe the screen gets cracked, the charging pin of the phone gets malfunctioned, etc. After the warranty expires no one wants to visit the service center. So starting a mobile repairing center will be a great business opportunity in Delhi to make huge profits.

5. Niche Blogging:

Niche blogging can prove to be a successful business in Delhi as the culture here is vast and history says a thousand words itself. You only need to write according to your understandings, and how well and perfectly you can explain your topics also matters. You can make your own website and publish them online. Write on trending topics and let people follow your blogs, this will increase traffic on your website. Share your blogs on every social media platform possible for promotions, to reach more populace. 

Once you have made your reader base and followers, use affiliate marketing. It works by adding tracked affiliate links into the text of your blog. You can make a small commission every time a reader clicks through to a site you recommend and makes a purchase. Or you can also do freelancing for more earnings.

6. Air Protection Mask

As the capital, Delhi is the second most polluted city in the nation. The Air quality keeps on undergoing sharp deterioration by a lot of factors such as increasing numbers of vehicles and fireworks occasionally. The presence of tiny particulate and various micro-organisms makes the situation more dangerous as they can easily travel into our body creating huge damages.

This caused panic and raised awareness among citizens, they always rush into the markets and purchase air purifiers or air protection masks as in their capacity, to take safety measures against the air pollution threat and coronavirus. This has given a hike to the air protection mask-making business. Almost everyone is buying them; this is the Best low-cost business in Delhi.


Whatever business you pick you ought to consistently think about its pros and cons. Aside from that, you ought to consistently have positive thinking and technical knowledge to deal with each little aspect. If you can be effective in this, at that point you will ultimately lead a productive business.

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