50 Low-cost Business Ideas for Working Professionals

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Jul 06 2018 - 3 min read
50 Low-cost Business Ideas for Working Professionals
We have 50 interesting yet lucrative low-cost, home-based business ideas to work on and wipe away all the limited income options.

Low Cost Business Ideas

If you feel chained by your limited income and burdened with endless expectations and responsibilities, we have 50 interesting yet lucrative low-cost, home-based business ideas to work on and wipe away all the worries.

  1. Online Tutorial: People look up to the internet to learn every activity, so how about starting a channel and utilizing the talent to earn big bucks. Here are ten ideas to start your own online channel.
  • DIY channel
  • Yoga channel
  • Cake Baking
  • fitness tips
  • home remedies
  • subject matter expert
  • home decorating
  • painting
  • calligraphy
  • Lifesaving
  1. Repair Shop: In areas where families live, every other day minimal repair or refurbish jobs are common, how about turning these problems into crackling notes of earning. Here are 10 ideas to start a low cost business:
  • carpentry
  • knife sharpening
  • furniture repair
  • coloring
  • recycled items
  • machine oiling and repairing
  • bicycle repair
  • watch repair
  • utensils repair
  • computer repair
  1. Editorial Service: Some people understand paper works really well and some do not have time and interest to learn, which is why they look for people who can help them in getting their paper works done for good amount. Here are 10 ideas to earn extra pennies on regular basis:
  • Investment
  • photocopying business
  • Ghostwriter
  • freelance content writer
  • court paper works
  • translation work
  • typing documents
  • Accounts
  • Freelance Editing
  • Designing Business cards
  1. Use your Space: If you have space, which is difficult to manage with your salary and is getting wasted, how about renting it out to make some profit! Here are 10 ways to rent your extra space to these people and earn big bucks:
  • lend it to a small-time tailor
  • shopkeeper
  • beauty parlor
  • dance class
  • tuition class
  • cafeteria
  • community centre
  • car washing centre
  • mini theatre for kids
  • VR playground
  1. Use your skills: If you are skillful, do not let it go unused, take some time out to hone your skills while making some money out of it. here is the list of 10 business ideas, you can begin with before turning them into an enterprise:
  • babysitter
  • occasional cook
  • event manager
  • rent theme based clothes for kids
  • organize theme parties
  • cocktail maker
  • painter
  • decorator
  • fashion designer
  • pet caretaker
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