5 wellness trends that will make a difference this year

Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur Mar 21 2018 - 5 min read
5 wellness trends that will make a difference this year
With the sudden transformation in the lifestyles of millennials, it has tingled the profit bells for wellness and beauty brands. With the ratio increasing every day, new trends are making their way in. Here are 5 wellness trends to watch out for this year.

Today, health is a big issue among all. Generally speaking, about 28% of the adults of the working generation are found holding an inactive pose. If 2017 was the year that witnessed a dramatic shift in the field of health and physical care, 2018 can be predicted as the year that has more people identifying the significance of consuming healthy food and leading an active living.

Gone are those days when one would feel tortured if they have to walk even a block away from their home. Today, they are actively choosing bikes as their mode of transport over cars even if they have to go to work downtown. 2018 like its predecessor would have a healthy lifestyle as its focal point.

Here are the 5 wellness trends that might play a big role in the industry this year:

Strictly healthy food
Processed food or those with artificial synthetic flavors are fading away gradually. This new-found love for every edible organic among the mass individuals has led many start-up companies like Organic Shop, Naturally Yours, I Say Organic, etc. to secure angel investors like Ohio TechAngel Funds, Tech Coast Angels, Hyderabad Angels, etc.

The growing reliance on the amenities presented forth by the modern technology has led us towards a lifestyle that is, riddled with diseases. That is why they are opting for organic superfoods these days realising that exercise alone cannot keep them fit for a long time. This makes them happy to spend more on organic produce and healthy items that would bless them with good health and weight loss.

Mode of Transport
The healthier the world wants to get, there are, many a gym cropping everywhere to suit their needs. Some of the popular health clubs among women are Isha Life and Talwalkars.  They are getting all the love necessary in the form of investment from investing companies like Investors' Circle, Golden Seeds LLC, Sequoia Capital, etc.

Any kind of physical exertion is good for our body given the busy schedules of our current lifestyle. The busy schedules are the real reason that most working men and women of the field find it hard to take their valuable time out for the much needed routine exercise.

Healthier Beverages
Wine is laden with numerous health benefits in comparison to other hard drinks, making it all the more rage among the youngsters. The love has caught the eye of many investment companies to invest in wine start-up like Soma Vineyard, Indage Wines, etc.

The ill-effects of alcohol are widespread. Since last year, the health-crazed generation has made a decision of forgoing hardcore liquors such as whiskey and scotch. They are gradually shifting to order the likes of beer and wine containing a significantly lesser amount of alcohol content.

Changing Posture
To learn about all the poses, you need to visit the chiropractor’s office. Many investors like Accel Partners, Ventures, Canaan, Indian Angel Network, etc. are more than happy to provide the practitioners with sound investments with the guaranteed easy returns.

Young working generation of today finds it difficult to lead an active life bound to their desk. Those living far away from their workplace find it hard to ensure any activity. As a result, they gain weight and have other health issues that are a direct amalgamation of their food choices as well as poor posture habits. For people working in night shifts, skipping meals is a very common occurrence. Eating at odd hours leads to obesity and can also result in a nutrient deficiency.

All this can be avoided by changing the sitting posture and eating the perishable only. Sitting and having food with a straight spine takes away half of the health issues.

Making Jack Smart
Running is beneficial for health. It is also the fastest way to get fit. Hence, choosing a game of football over Temple Run is a better way to become fit as Guy Dangerous, if not fitter. There is many-an-app like Couch to 5K, present in the market that is programmed to help people achieve this goal. The current trend has ensured many a venture capitalist and angel investors appear before them providing money, at hand.

Consumers, today, are more health conscious than ever, realising that their active lifestyle has left them short on the health department. 2018 is filled with so many options of health for the health conscious offering something that is tailor-made to suit their needs well.

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