5 Ways to Build Professional Relationships in Business

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Jan 31 2018 - 3 min read
5 Ways to Build Professional Relationships in Business
Partners need to put forth their point of views, questions, and ideas before executing it on the floor.


When one starts a business, there are many things that come into play such as staff, investors, and customers and to run the business successfully, one has to maintain those relationships with people associated with you directly or indirectly.

Here are top 5 ways to maintain a lasting business relationship with whoever is involved in making the business a huge success:


Transparency refers to the business-related decisions, which both partners should sit together and figure out. Partners need to put forth their point of views, questions, and ideas before executing it on the floor.

A pinch of doubt can create a huge ruckus because not all brains function alike. Moreover, mutually solved problems bring clarity in a subject as well as helps in brainstorming. It also boosts morale and mutual bonding.

It is very important to maintain transparency with your business partner or else it will create a lot of confusion followed by misunderstandings which will lead to the degradation of the business.

Draw Clear Margins:

If you have an idea, which you want to implement in your business or your business partner wants to implement, then make things clear about how far can you stretch the sources, finances or what is expected from you.

Before signing the agreement or agreeing to the fact of working together in a project or involving people into a common business goal, make sure to keep your points loud and clear.

If other people are being involved then make sure to let them know their limits in terms of expenditure and deadlines.

Cordial Give and Take:

When there are two strong people facing each other, their egos are more likely to clash, which is why to try to maintain a cordial give and take the relationship between you.

If your partner or anyone for that matter gives you a friendly advice or suggestion, try to take it in a positive way and later you can discuss with your advisor to work on it.

Also if you come across any such ideas, advice or suggestions for your partner or staff, try to be calm and present it in a pleasant manner without using any strong expression or words.

Give Personal Space:

Everyone has their own comfort level or a certain way of doing things. Some people like to work with their music on, some like to work till late, while some like to work in time bound routine. It is very important to provide them that space if you want to bring out the best work from them.

Do not push them to act in a particular way, which is your style of working. Every individual is different so if you try too hard to confine their styles into your own then the outcome might just be satisfactorily not great.

Respect Each Other:

To maintain any relationship, mutual respect is very important. And to earn respect try to give respect first. Respect does not mean bowing down in front of each other every time you meet but respect their decision if they come up with something new and discuss it.

 In business, the respect sometimes buys more customers than advertisements or marketing. Moreover, the partner whom you trusted to start your business with must have some quality, which made you choose him over others, so to maintain the business relationship, respect his qualities.

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