5 Tips for Putting Health First In Your Restaurant Business

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Nov 08 2021 - 3 min read
5 Tips for Putting Health First In Your Restaurant Business
These small steps taken now can help your business succeed exponentially

Pandemic turned us into a more health-conscious version of ourselves. Industries serving directly to the customers should now adapt to changes and make strategies accordingly. In the same line, restaurants also must follow some health-related protocols to make customers believe in them. People now started going outside for both livelihood and entertainment purposes now that the lockdown is almost over. However, people still fear eating outside and avoid it due to health reasons.

Now, the question comes to mind: what restaurants can do to assure customers that the food is not only good in taste but is safe from a health perspective as well.

Serve Greener

If restaurants want to keep up with modern trends, they should make their menus more plant-forward. We aren’t asking you to be vegan or vegetarian but you need to show your plant-forward approach to the customers. It simply means adding more plant-based foods to your menu, at least 70 per cent, without eliminating animal products.

There's a need for more creativity and imagination among chefs in south India, where most restaurant menus feature meat-based dishes and vegetables are mainly served as side dishes. Moreover, restaurants must ensure that these plant-based ingredients are organically grown and ethically sourced. These efforts will satisfy two of the most important demands of today's customers-a healthy diet and sustainability.

Offer Healthy Drinks

It's not worthwhile to run a healthy restaurant if you serve harmful drinks with sugary ingredients. Using cold-pressed juices instead of regular juices, infusing drinks with herbs and using little to no sugar are some ways in which you as a restaurant can make beverages healthier.

No matter whether your customer focuses on losing or gaining weight, adding some non-alcoholic options to the menus will help you be mindful of customers’ health.

Deliver Healthy Food to Customers

Food delivery online is expected to grow at a swift rate in the upcoming years, reaching $200 billion by 2025. The convenience factor has become more important as people's lives change. With the click of a button, these customers will be able to receive healthy food at their doorstep.

This trend has already been tapped into by several food companies by offering delivery-only meal plans. In order to meet the demands of today's customers, restaurants need to offer more than just healthy meals. Due to the popularity of online ordering, brands must have a well-organized online ordering system and a well-segmented menu.

Allow Customization

Despite customer interest in healthy foods, some studies have shown that individuals can define ‘healthy’ differently. It completely depends on who you are serving. For instance, if your customer is suffering from diabetes, sugar would be unhealthy for him. While the customer who is facing a blood pressure issue will say that salt is unhealthy.

So, the key here for restaurants is to offer customization, whereby each customer is allowed to create a meal with ingredients of their choice. For delivery, especially, personalized home meal kits with pre-measured ingredients can prove to be a hit with health-savvy customers.

Sanitization and Social Distancing

Keeping your restaurant clean is no longer enough with the spread of Coronavirus! To ensure zero contamination at your workplace, you should sanitize it thoroughly using multiple steps and multiple times. In addition to the counter, the utensils, and everything else that comes in contact with the food, regular sanitization with disinfectants is necessary.

It is recommended that you clean your front door, front of house area, bathrooms, and kitchen several times each day. Cleaning of food prep areas and light cleaning of doorknobs and handles should be done in the morning, followed by heavy cleaning at the end of the shift.


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