5 Things Schools Should Teach For Better Tomorrow

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Sep 28 2021 - 5 min read
5 Things Schools Should Teach For Better Tomorrow
Reading about business is fun. It's not like math or science or writing -- business is about people and what they say and do, why they do it, and how we can predict their behaviour

India is a country of youngsters. Sharing about 64 per cent of youth, India has the biggest number of youth in India. These youngsters are capable of making India the most powerful country in the world. To do same, we should make them understand the values of education and let them study what they want. We should teach them about futuristic things and technology to keep them at forefront.  Similarly, we have below mentioned 5 unique yet important things that youth in India should know.

Business Skills

Reading about business is fun. It's not like math or science or writing -- business is about people and what they say and do, why they do it, and how we can predict their behaviour. Students should read about business to get a better understanding of the world around them. It helps them to analyze and think and question and critique and make value judgments and make informed decisions.

Business is about making money, right? That's what a lot of people think. But there's a lot more to it than that. A business owner has to know how things work in the real world. He or she has to have a sense of how to plan, organize and motivate people. A business owner has to be able to spot problems and solve them. And students learn all this by studying business.

If students learn about business, they'll be ready to take on the challenges. It will also help them understanding how companies make decisions about where to market their products, which products to sell and what price to charge.


Programming is a skill that can open many doors for students. It is the base of every job in the IT world, and even outside of it. Programmers are needed to develop new tools, websites, apps, games and more. The demand for good programmers is high, and the supply is low. This makes programming a great skill to have.

Programming is the best way to ensure job security. Studying it is a lot like studying for a degree. Students first have a core curriculum, which is basically a math class. Then they have some electives that are more specialized and some of them are off course just for fun.  When you first start programming, it really helps to have someone there to walk you through the process and teach you everything from scratch. However, after a couple of years it becomes much easier to just do it on your own and figure things out as you go along.

If you're serious about programming and don't want to work for someone else all of your life then I strongly recommend that you continue learning on your own even after graduating from college. This way you will be able to continue learning new techniques and making more money once you start working for someone else.


Any country can rarely attain the position of being financially capable without entrepreneurship. Studying Entrepreneurship is also important as it involves finding the best way to market goods or services. It takes place in an entrepreneurial world, and entrepreneurs use their creativity to generate new products and services, such as software or mobile applications, which can be sold for profit. Entrepreneurs usually begin their businesses with little money because they don't need much capital at the beginning. However, if an entrepreneur has a winning idea that makes money from the start, he or she can grow the business into something large and profitable over time.

As much as business plays a vital role in any economy, entrepreneurship plays an even more important role as without it no business will come into existence.


Students in schools should be exposed and introduced to the concept of franchise. This will help them understand how big chains boom in less time. The Franchise industry offers a lot of opportunities to the students, as they can start a business without incurring heavy capital investment. Core motive is to create and run business to make money out of them. when we teach student about business and entrepreneurship it becomes crucial to introduce them to franchise. Concept of franchise says that people can buy any businesses right and help them flourish in their particular area.

Most franchises offer training programs that allow college students to gain valuable business experience along with their study. This means they can gain professional skills while earning extra money. Plus, this experience will give them an advantage when it comes time to find a full-time job or creating a business in same field after graduation.

Crypto and Block Chain

Future generation will be more advanced than us, more eager to learn and understand things. This quality will make them curious to learn about things like crypto and block chain. We can help them understand these things by introducing these things in their curriculum. There are some more reasons for why students should learn about block chain. First, it is the most disruptive technology after internet. A second reason is that block chain can be used to solve real-life problems. For example, education on the block chain will allow students to get degrees without paying for them. Third, block chain technology can also be used for fundraising. Block chain technology can be used to make fundraising transparent, secure and trustworthy.


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