5 Reasons Why Businessmen Should Keep Their Hearts Healthy

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Oct 01 2018 - 2 min read
5 Reasons Why Businessmen Should Keep Their Hearts Healthy
ducating your employees about the importance of heart health can change their perspective on how they view body care.

Our desk is the center of our world and our computers could easily replace oxygen when it comes to life essentials. That is exactly why it is scary to acknowledge what a sedimentary life can do to our minds and our bodies. 

It’s time we change that. Because every businessman needs to be heart healthy for these 5 very real reasons: 

Productivity is directly proportional to the health of your heart

Nobody likes being sick. And everybody detests being stuck on a bed for a week straight. A healthy heart is equal to a healthy body. And without health by your side, your productivity goes for a toss too. If you’re running your own company, reining in multiple sick days could mark a thin line between signing up a blockbuster deal and missing out on a fantastic client. 

Differentiate between the good stress and the bad  

A certain amount of stress is beneficial to your body. But every day the kind that thrives in our mind is toxic. While running your own business puts you in highly stressful situations from time to time, it is essential to understand how it impacts your heart. Take the time to locate a Cardiac Care Clinic near you and check up on your heart. 

Prioritizing health does NOT equal to de-prioritizing work

Rather, they form an amiable partnership that garners to well-balanced living. Show your team what a healthy heart could go through your own personal example, this World Heart Day. Let them witness the benefits of improved efficiency, work productivity and stress management, first hand. 

The world runs on Fresh ideas

And for anyone running a business, you need to be churning out a daily stream of fresh ones. While a writer can afford a writer’s block, you cannot make revolutionary business without your creative juices flowing, consistently. A happy heart allows for a happy mind which in turn helps your creativity breathe better. 

Break free from that very lazy chair

Our bodies are designed for movement. And while you pant walking that one mile, your heart is thanking the heavens for the exercise. We may love our desk-chairs but we need to keep moving. Whether you’re running a company or working for one, your heart needs that daily 30 minutes of sweat to function like a pro.

This Article is written by Dr. Rohit Sane, MD, Madhavbaug

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