5 Major Trends That Transformed The Healthcare Industry In 2018

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Dec 15 2018 - 2 min read
5 Major Trends That Transformed The Healthcare Industry In 2018
Quality Healthcare Was One Of The Most Important Factors In How Individuals Perceived Their Quality Of Life.

Healthcare is an industry that affects everyone, but one that has historically had a reputation for less-than-positive customer experiences. However, customer experience has now become a focus of many healthcare companies and clinics. Doctors, hospitals, and health companies now have insight into all factors that can affect a patient’s health. This is aided by new approaches and technology that have the power to transform healthcare. Here are five top trends of 2018 in the healthcare industry

Virtual Reality

This year, the use of virtual reality has been proven to aid in the treatment of pain relief. According to a recent study, children undergoing chemotherapy did better when they played games that absorbed their attention completely and also required lower doses of pain medication. They suffered less from hypertension and nausea than children who were just asked to rest.

Patient Personalization

With the growth of data comes the ability to personalize the healthcare experience. Healthcare centres, this year, have created a completely personalized experience for each patient. Instead of everyone being treated the same, healthcare clinics were able to use data to see patients’ health history, any potential health, whether they like being seen in person or remotely, issues etc

Personalized medicine

There was a host of diagnostic techniques available that allowed the doctors to make faster and more accurate diagnoses. Histopathology allowed clinicians to investigate tissue samples using microscopes to identify tumours, viruses, whilst radiology allowed clinicians to investigate structures deep within the body and so on.

Smart Technology in Hospitals

Advances in technology have created a new wave of products to improve patient comfort and care. According to a recent survey, approximately 94% of healthcare executives state that they plan to implement smart technology in their organizations. In 2018, Health clinics were widely using robots that can monitor a patient without a human provider being in the room.  Technology has alleviated some of the pressure on healthcare providers and once again put customers in control. Smart devices and applications will continue to grow and spread throughout the healthcare field.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality has been in trend in every industry, but it was especially powerful in the healthcare field. AR became one of the strongest applications in medical training. Using AR, doctors were able to monitor diagnoses and procedures right in front of them to learn new skills and expand their knowledge. AR was also used to fight the shortage of trained professionals around the world by training more providers at once. Instead of doctors having to spend more time reading studies to refine their skills, the information they need simply appeared in front of them as they seamlessly treated patients.

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