5 International Wellness Trends which are worth Investing into in India

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 5 min read
5 International Wellness Trends which are worth Investing into in India
The wellness industry is quite big and it is continuously expanding which has given birth to many trends. These trends are deciding the growth in the international market as consumers are experiencing something new.

We’ve heard, seen and experienced many trends in the wellness industry. They come and go but do play a significant role in the growth of the industry. Some of the international wellness trends which have just entered the industry are playing it big because of new concepts and also the increasing demands for them in the market. The Indian wellness industry has a huge scope and is expanding its wings to venture into new trends that are rocking internationally and will surely make a huge difference in the wellness market back home.

1.Mobile Spa
The concept of the mobile spa is unique in itself. The convenience and best quality of services give the consumers something to look up to. The whole concept of mobile spas is somewhat very new to the Indian consumers but it is a big hit internationally. Spa services are men at to relax and rejuvenate and the process of travelling to and back from spa ruins half of the experience. With mobile spas, people can look forward to receiving services of the spa at the place desired by them.

Mobile spa in Malaysia is an individual business but currently, we don’t have proper systems to ensure that the international standards of mobile spa business are practised and followed. We have varieties in the business like in beauty business we have manicurists running mobile manicures and spas. We are also working on providing post-natal treatments, that too over mobile systems and we want to make beauty and wellness services very convenient. We are getting a good response from the Malaysians and if we launch the same in India, we are expecting the same excitement and growth in the business from the Indian consumers, says Norliza Othman, Managing Director, Teratak Spa and Training Consultant, Malaysia.

2.Audiovisual Wellness
While the wellness industry is focusing more on peace of mind to provide relaxation to the body, the trend of audiovisual wellness focuses on using sound waves to induce a state of wellness. Audiovisual wellness, which is getting popular as ‘Sound Baths’, is surely a wellness trend which needs to make its way to India. Using sound waves to relax the mind which eventually leads to reduced levels of stress in the body is a hot trend internationally and its time investments are made in the trend to make it available easily across the Indian wellness market.

3.Silent Spa
The trend of audiovisual wellness is catching up at a good pace due to its unique concept of using sound waves but the rising trend of silent spas is not any behind either. The Global Wellness Summit has listed among the top upcoming trends in the wellness industry. The idea behind silent spas is to provide the consumers with elements which are missing in the modern world- space, silence and the need to contemplate. In our busy and hectic lifestyles, there is a major need to reflect and embrace silence for the sake of maintaining a sound mind and body which can be possible with the introduction of silent spas in the Indian market.

4.Wellness Communities
Running around the clock has become normal for us but indulging in wellness activities might feel as something new to many as this is how we have set ourselves according to the changing needs of work and life. Various wellness communities are popping up in the international markets, introducing people once again to the importance of wellness and healthy lives. The wellness oriented communities focus on letting people go for long nature walks rather than drive and focus on the need to socialise and talk rather than remain isolated. The trend is popular internationally as the communities also emphasise on arts, culture and various other aspects other than just health and wellness.

5.Art Therapy
Colouring books were among the favourite memories related to childhood and the chance to relive that again would be precious. The latest trend of art therapy introduces us again to the fun of colouring. Adult colouring books are making their own place in the wellness market and are also selling like hot cakes off the shelves. The concept of dealing with depression and stress by colouring seems like an idea which seems to go a long way. Mental wellness is an area which needs attention and introducing a fun trend of art therapy and adult colouring books will surely go well with the Indian consumers.

The concept of colouring by grown-ups as a trend has become widespread in the recent past. It is observed that colouring intricate and fine designs help adults reduce stress and increases their focus, mindfulness and concentration in daily life. Colouring books for adults can be an effective stress buster. They offer us a reprieve from our fast-paced, information-driven lifestyles, says Bhavna Mishra, Hobby Ideas Expert and a renowned artist.

Trends have the power to change the future of any industry. Various factors associated with the trends chalk out the growth chart for a market. The wellness industry is being looked upon as the next Trillion dollar industry and there are no doubts it won’t turn into one. With the most creative and interesting trends making a mark of the international markets, they are set to rule the Indian wellness markets as well in the times to come. 

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